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Everyday I see same question about the negotiation system: How to put my player on the negotiation list. Well let’s see how.

This is a very popular question among Top Eleven players so let’s get a more detailed look at the negotiation system and let’s find out all his tricks!

Let’s take a look first at what Top Eleven is telling us about this:

Negotiations allow managers level 4 or above to send offers for players that aren’t put up for auction, but belong to other managers. You are able to find players using the same filters as auctions, but you will only see players of five star quality. By clicking on the player, you can see his statistics and make an offer by clicking on the “Make Offer” button. Doing this will prompt the user to give an offer using a slider. Unlike auctions, the manager needs to offer both cash and tokens. The entire amount of cash and part of the tokens go to the manager who owns the player (the amount of Tokens the seller will receive is displayed while making an offer).

When the offer is made, the tokens offered are deducted from the buyer’s account automatically, while cash is subtracted only after the offer has been accepted. The seller has 24 hours to accept the offer. If the seller declines the offer, he can set a price he would accept and anyone can buy the player for that price. In case the buyer doesn’t receive the player after a declined offer, the tokens are refunded to his account. Please note that changing your active offer incurs a 1Tokens cost, and tokens spent this way are not refunded.


OK, first of all the game is telling us that your manager level must be 4 or above but what does mean? The manager level is not always the team level. Let’s say you played until level 10 then you got bored and you take over another team who is level 1.  Guess what? You will be able to use negotiation despite your team level is 1.

This feature is available for all platforms, both mobile versions iOS, Android and desktop version (via Facebook).

To find this option for desktop, go in-game at the transfer page, then tab Negotiations and for mobile version, open the application, tap on home, tap on transfers then swipe to the left.

Now to answer your question: HOW TO ADD MY PLAYER ON NEGOTIATION LIST?
Well is not something that you can do but is something that you can control. The players goes automatically on the negotiation list once they are only 1 skill point away from a new star. Check this picture!

How does price system is working, what are the advantages and disadvantages?
This is a nice system because you can look for great players who you can turn next second in a new start but pretty expensive.
The real advantage is that you don’t lose money or tokens if your offer was not accepted. No risk!
Price is kinda tricky, there’s a starting price between 6 and 9 tokens but you can offer more but the price on tokens will be raised by 2 every time because 1 token will go to the game and 1 token will go to the manager.

Exemple: Starting price is 7 tokens and you want to give to the manager 3 tokens extra for his player then you will have to pay 13 tokens from which 10 tokens will go back to the game and 3 will go to the manager of the player you plan to buy.

Disadvantages? Yes there is a big one, once you made an offer your tokens offered for the player will be blocked for 24 hours. But don’t worry because if the manager won’t accept your offer you will get a full refund.

Things you might want to know? What you can’t do is to make offers for players who are lower then 3 stars and bigger then 5, seems fair unless you wanna see a player level 5 with player from a level 40 manager.
Another thing is you can’t do offers to other players who don’t share the same server as you but as they said in time this thing might be possible!

Note: This weeks we will look to update this thread with 2 videos, one about how you can sell a player and one about how you can buy a player!

Thanks for reading and have a great day in Top Eleven!


  1. Hey, I understood everything what U wrote. But, how I can see the price , that another manager wants to have? I made a offer and he set a price that what he wants from anyone. And I can’t see it. Thanks

    1. Same thing happening to me ..
      Pls admin suggest me a solution ..
      And one more question how to find that our player is 1 skill point away from next start .?

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