Nations League Ist Edition

-New Albanian Emblem of the Albanian Football Federation –


Last season we played the first Nations League Tournament in a 3vs3 format, using the recently created National Federations to obtain the teams to compete.

The recently created Out Game Government, has created a kind of realistic Federations, by opening 32 Groups in Facebook, each one belongs to a national federation so local managers can share knowledge, discuss tactics, ask and, when we have the chance, and a tournament can be played they have the chance to join the National Team.


As a realistic structure, the federations have a Interim President, named by the central administration, or, a Elected President. Both can stay for 4 seasons administrating the Federation, doing the proper management of the National Playoffs to select the National teams, and naming a Vicepresident to help them.

Then every National Team, that have 3 managers, can have a direct spot assigned directly to the President, Vicepresident or a chosen manager, and too, a manager needs to be named Captain, so he will decide the 3 1vs1’s when his team play as local, meaning this that in a playoff of 2 legs we can have different matches, so this creates an strategic advantadge for the away team that can use the experience achieved from the 1st leg to, try to have an advantadge.

In this 1st edition of the nations League we had 16 teams, that we spread in 4 groups of 4 teams, where the best 2 qualified for the QFs round, and the last placed, next season will join the Division B with New national teams, like Netherlands, India, Mauritius or Argentina.

The Finale, was played between the National teams of Bulgaria and Albania, who after the 2 legs reached a 8-8 in the score and following the rules, that reward the goals scored, Bulgaria 12-14 Albania, gave the title to the Albanian Federation and it’s 3 National Players, Arian M. (C), Zigur and Fredi V. .


Here the Group Stage and Playoff final positions



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