Meet Veljko Paunović

Not many people know but if you log in Top Eleven from Serbia you might discover a surprise on the manager assistant.      



If you log in game from Serbia you will discover that the manager assistant have a face and it’s represented by a special man for Serbia and more exactly we talk about Veljko Paunović.






Veljko Paunović is a retired Serbian footballer who played most of his career in Spain where he played for many teams like Mallorca, Tenerife, Getafe but the most he played for Atletico Madrid, despite this his best season was at Tenerife where he scored 18 goals in 38 games.


The reason he is special for Serbia and for the Top Eleven isn’t because he was a player but because he is a manager and last year he did something great, he won World Cup with the Serbia national team under – 21.


This might not sound big for many but if you are from East of Europe and you have to play with countries like Spain, England, Italy, etc, countries who can spend way more money in developing the future talents this is something very huge.


If you want to find more about this great coach check out his Wikipedia page Veljko Paunović or you can follow him by watching Chicago Fire because after the success at World Cup he moved to MLS. Veljko-Paunovic-Top-Eleven

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