Meet Managers: Rodrigo Paiva

Meet Rodrigo Paiva, one of the most addicted Top Eleven players I had the pleasure to meet during my time in this game.  


Top Eleven recently made a video of him and if you are wondering why him, well there are enough reasons and on that I will try to focus today.


If you look for Rodrigo is very easy to find him because he is pretty much everywhere: Facebook, YouTube and even on Twitter, I guess the only thing he miss is a website and he would be everywhere.



Here is the short interview / documentary that he made in collaboration with Top Eleven.


Here you have a more detailed list where you can find Rodrigo Paiva on the internet:


Facebook – Top Eleven Brasil (fan page – administrator)
Facebook – Top Eleven (fan group – administrator)
Facebook – Rodrigo Paiva (personal page – administrator)
YouTube – Rodrigo Paiva (fan channel – administrator)
Twitter – Rodrigo Paiva (fan page / personal page – administrator)
Forum – Top Eleven Forum (official page – moderator)


Now that you know where you can find him let’s talk about him and his Top Eleven team but also what he brought to the game.


His team is Rossonero FC, he is at his second reset (take over), currently at level 24 (league level 13) with a very rich trophy room and his most famous player is by far Andriy Shevchenko who scored almost 500 goals in League, almost 200 goals in Champions League and almost 180 goals in Cup, these are some sick stats for a player.



His trophy room is also very impressing, he already won pretty much everything what you could win and the future looks very good for his team.


Anyway, if you plan to see more things about his team I recommend you to visit his YouTube channel because he is posting a lot of videos with his team.
Rodrigo is also one of the few who is hosting contests pretty often so if you plan to win some free stuffs  just follow him and his work.


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