Today we gonna show you another Top Eleven manager and this time we have Mr. Edward Stephen from United States of America.


If last time we had Rodrigo from South America now we have another manager but from North America.


As we said, today we will show you Mr. Edward from US and his team FC Leopards.




Before we will talk more about him and his team, please take a look at this video to know him better!

Now that you know him a bit better we can talk more in details about some key points from the video but just to know, I only do this for fun and at the end  I will let my short review about this manager.


  1. Mr. Edward, is FOOTBALL! not soccer. We don’t know what’s that soccer! “ps: check youtube comments”
  2. Take a look at 0:54, does he decreased his team quality to get easier opponents? “you cheeky bastard”
  3. Sadly we can’t see more about his team but anyway, I guess the point of this videos is to see the manager as a person in real life.
  4. Leopards? Really? This is not a hockey team man…


Anyway, all the respect from for his work  with the kids and not only.  He seems to be a special and kind man so he have all our respect.


Mr. Edward, if by mistake you see this article, please let us to know and we will gift you any official jersey kit you please.


If you want to be the next Top Eleven manager who share his story with us, you can submit your application right  here.

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