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Today  I will talk with you about the latest Top Eleven new feature in the game and to be more exactly: Manager Assistant.  

Last week Top Eleven announced official on their forum that they released their latest feature in the game “Assistant Manager”.

Unfortunately this new feature is available only for mobile devices who are using Android or iOs and in order to use this new feature you must update to the latest version of the game otherwise you won’t be able.

The new feature can be used only when you are online in a live game and to do that, the only thing you need to do is to click (tap) on the special icon which is located on the right (upper) side next to [Opponent].

Take a look at this video and you can see the new feature of Top Eleven.

The question is how good is this Manager Assistant? Well from our own experience we do not recommand you to use it because some of the tips are very bad. For exemple I was leading with 4-0 at the a. manager told me I am not playing to ofensive or my opponent got 1-0 and the a. manager told me to to play more defensive when it was clearly that I need to play more offensive if I wanted to win and guess what? I went from normal to high attacking and I won.

Despite is a plus for the game, I don’t think this is what the game need at the moment especially because this isn’t something that will help the manager really much.


If you are wondering if this new feature will also appear on Facebook, I really don’t think it will ever be there as long the facebook version will remain on the version 2.0 .

Let me know if you used the new feature and what do you think about the manager assistant tips.

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