Sooner we will hit 6000 likes on Facebook and to celebrate this we are giving some stuff that we collected in time on our accounts.

We are ready to give away some premium jerseys and emblems but also at the end of this campaign we would offer tokens or official items.

Is very important for you to know that  we would offer these jerseys and emblems on our Facebook page ( so please follow us if you want to win.

The value of the gifts rise up to few hundred tokens but we would look up to rise it as much as possible.

We prepared you some pictures of what you can win but remember that this is not everything and for sure would be much more.

As you can see there are some nice items including the special jersey of Brazil who isn’t available in the shop anymore, Orlova emblem which is available only in Romania and others but we do also have few sets for you like Spain, Brazil, replica of Barcelona, replica of Galatasaray and others!


  1. Hey, please, any winnings, because I have not won anything yet and I’m about to become unbelievers 🙂 Actually, I do not even know how it works 🙂 But most of all I would like to be tokens but to whom not that 🙂 I do not want to be a grease but the top eleven I’m already playing the seventh season And I would like to take part in it 🙂 otherwise all the beautiful experiences 🙂

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