Manager Page – Broken

Many managers started to complain and report the manager page which seems to be broken for some time now but with a small trick you can still access your manager page.                        


The manager page seems not to work properly when you try to access your personal page and I have no idea why but seems to be quite an old error now.





There are few months now since the page is not working and is hard to predict the future on the page but personal I think it was a plus for the game and also for the managers because they had to chance to share their team and manager achievements with other players.



If you go to the manager page  and click on LETS GO you will get the next error: Unfortunately, you have encountered an error but as I said above, there’s a small trick that still allows you to access your page but only if you have your manager page link.
Few examples:


Emre Gayiran

เสกสรร ตอรบรัมย์

Jose Mourinho



I hope this advice is useful for you as manager and hopefully Top Eleven developers will try to fix the page as soon as possible because for sure this page is a plus especially now when we lost our team statistic page from in-game.



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