Top Eleven changed a lot recently and with all these current updates, sadly we lost some really good features.

If you look now at Top Eleven, the game is clearly not what used to be and for somebody who would like to return to the game, the new version of the game would be almost something completely new.

The game progress, that’s for sure and Top Eleven delighted us in the last period with a bunch of updates but let’s see what we lost because of them.

Just as a friend said on the official forum, Nordeus played to much recently with the emotional part of Top Eleven and for sure this would push away many mangers and only watching my friends list I can see some good managers who played the game for many year already gave up and knowing them, they didn’t left because of the results, lack of tokens or something like this, no! Just because they removed many of the good features or they changed some of the gameplay tactics.

STADIUM – Despite the stadiums doesn’t have a big impact in the game, the stadiums used to be a cool thing but not anymore, especially since Top Eleven introduced their last update on stadium and the 3D feature.
During the new update, the 3D feature has been introduced but sadly and the weird part is that now, on the new version of the game, stadium and  facilities are only visible for the club manager and other managers can’t visit your stadium anymore.

SKILL POINTS – Can’t really blame Top Eleven for removing them because they tried to create a more realistic gameplay but Skill Points used to be a very powerful tool which gave us a unique style of playing the game and the ability to create somehow better our players. Many managers used to create players for negation but now seems to get harder and harder.

Manager Page – An external page that could be shared between managers, a page that allowed the manager to receive extra statistics about his club and manager journey. Why it has been removed we don’t know and sadly Top Eleven didn’t made any official announce about it.

Club and Players In-Game Statistics – Another bad call from Top Eleven was removing the statistics from in-game without any reason. Plenty managers used these statistics to share the club achievements or players records. Many managers spend a lot of time to create ultimate legends only because of these statistics which sadly has been removed.

Take Over – Honestly, one of the best things in Top Eleven, a feature which allowed me to rest an old club and create an amazing team, even a better one then my beloved Orlova FC, also many managers I know, used to comeback because of this. Again, this page has been closed but with no clear information from Top Eleven.

Trophy Room – One of my biggest regrets on the new version is that yet, years after it has been released, we still do not have a public trophy room that  can be visible by other managers. Why Top Eleven? Why!

Constant updates of the Shop – I still remember back in days when Top Eleven used to give us a very large number of new jerseys and emblems. People used to talk a lot about these items and every week, everyone was just  waiting for new ones. There were also plenty of bundle and discounts sales but now the Shop seems to be like a sad corner of the game and once you saw it, there’s no need to go there for months because anyway, nothing new will happen.

Flags – Might not look like a big deal for you but I know many managers who spent a lot of time to collect as many a possible. These cute flags, didn’t harm anyone, there was no need to shut them down.

…. and the list can continue. I do honestly believe that Top Eleven touched to much the “emotional” part of the game, the part that made the difference between regular players and addicts.

Now all we can do is to wait and see what they will bring back or what else is coming.


  1. It’s my 4th season of tanking/staying in the same level and I don’t feel motivate enough to play competitively again.
    The only emotion left for me, it’s about the social part of the game.
    The forum, some T11 facebook groups. some fb friends we have contact.
    Unfortunately T11 doesn’t have any serious competition there, so that gives them the advantage to make any wrong move they want or to ignore old, regular and loyal fans of the game.

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