People asked, Top Eleven provided! Another major update is coming very sooner through Association feature!                       


Update, after update, after update, that’s what we can say about Top Eleven these days and let’s be honest, we are very happy because of this!


Sooner we will be able to borrow players from our friends and this will make everything to be very exciting and for sure will be something completely new for all of us.



We all have that friend who have a great player that we want in our team and now we will have this chance but the loaning option at least for the moment will be available only and only in the new feature Association.


Once again is not exactly what people asked but it’s a plus and a fix at least for the moment that will please us for sometime but who knows, maybe at some point in the game we will also have this option on the regular season.


Because Top Eleven didn’t uploaded the new teaser on YouTube I decided  to upload it on my account so here’s the video but I also recommend you to visit the official link of the video where you might find even more about the loan option. (Check here).



Next week is very possible to get some exclusive pictures so stay tuned and don’t forget to share this with all your Top Eleven friends!

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