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Finally a new feature in Top Eleven that will help for sure all active managers who are logging to watch their games. 

Thanks to the new update in the game, now we can watch players evolution in real time and we can see how good or bad a player is playing.

A great thing is that the new feature is available for all platform and also on animated game or comments-only mode.


– Either in animation or in comments-only mode, you are now able to access your players’ ratings at any moment during the game.
– The players’ ratings are updated frequently (~25 times per match). The first rating should show after the 5th in-game minute has been played.
– Players are rated on a scale of 4 to 10. 6.5 is the average rating, which all players start a game with.
– In order to increase the level of precision, decimal numbers have been introduced. 

(source: Top Eleven official forum)

There are also effects for offside, yellow and red cards, substitutions, injuries and anothers.

Available on:
– iPhone 4S+ / iPad 2+ / iPod Touch 5+ with iOS 5+
– Android 2.2+ with at least 512 MB RAM
– Desktop




  1. This is such a time waster, the game is share luck, its not by how strong or powerful your team is, because i dont understand how a team keep losing to another team which is 20 to 30% below in percentage. The game is soo stupid, i cant even believe i have wasted such precious time and energy in biulding a team on such a wack and stupid game.

  2. you cant keep having technical problems, I need to win and i dont need your tokens as apology, please take it back. losing to a team way below with soo much goal diffrence validates how stupid this game can be. Its soo unfortunate i have wasted such precious time trying to biuld a team that can only win by share luck.

  3. And please whoever have an idea on to delete my top eleven account should please leave a reply to this comment. Am soo done wasting my time on this game.

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