Live Chat was always something that Top Eleven missed it but is here now! 

Because I got so many requests for a live chat in the past I decided to make it here on my website and hopefully will work out as being a great feature for all the community.

The chat is very easy to be used and at the moment is available for both platforms desktop and mobile.

If you plan to use it, here is a quick tutorial for you:

If you are a new user, simple leave a comment in the chat box and press enter, once you did that a new pop-up box will be displayed for you.

Next you have to pick a name and for this you have 3 options available:

  • anonymously – recommended if you want to keep your profile secret
  • temporary name – pick a temporary name and use it for as long as you online on the chat
  • as a Chatango member – we recommend you to use the 3rd option if you plan to be a long member on our chat because your name will be saved and you will be the only one who can use it. You can also add an avatar picture if you want people to recognize you much easier.


To promote our chat, we will hold couple of contests on the live chat during February so make sure you are one of us if you want to win some free stuff.


One comment

  1. Can i have some tokens and enough rests to last is 2 seasons please ha if your feeling fine and having a good day stick a moral in with yours sincerely a man that cant sleep and is looking at transfers for the last 2 hours and a got non tokens to spend so av just been looking at what a could of had haha help a man in need out

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