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A new idea that might make the game more dynamic from many points of view and help all the managers. Check it out! 

I really think this game need a new update and somehow a better motivation to high level players. Today you see really often super powerful leagues especially after level 25+ and is super hard for managers to play like this.

Top Eleven started to group all good managers in the same corner and all the bad managers in another one. Of course there are exceptions too but nothing is pure random anymore.

Tokens don’t buy you trophies anymore guys, unless you have hundreds of them and not even then… I can tell you this from own experience.

Many of my good friends started to leave the game recently and I just can’t blame them because they are doing maybe the right thing.

Dear Top Eleven you are doing a mistake and maybe I don’t know to much about marketing but in few seasons from now on you will remain without many active players and I am talking about players who are playing this game for many years 4,5.

At high levels I see daily dozens of active managers who can’t even promote because all their opponent are 6 stars+ and on the other side you have 100% inactive league, yes leagues where there are no active managers at all, not even one and they are winning good trophies. How can you expect people to be pleased?

How many seasons do you expect like a 6 stars manager to play without winning anything at all? What’s the point of playing something daily if you don’t have chances and there are also the “bad results” but I don’t want to talk about them now.

Another thing, there are teams that play against higher levels but what’s the point, have you asked your managers if they agree with this? If they found it fair?

We like hard competition but if you put 12 managers in the same place only half will promote and many of them after a level get stuck without the chance to promote and bad managers who don’t care to much and log once at few days, even win trophies.

I don’t want to be rude but I doubt that there are players over level 40 at Nordeus who play the game and if they do not sure how happy they really are so please try to understand us.

Today is harder to play with tokens then if you play without and I can prove this anytime.

In idea to fix this I came with an idea of adding smart bots that can make the game a bit easier for all of us but who also can motivate us to invest more because we might have better chances to win trophies like this.

A Smart-Bot can be a good advantage to all sides. I know that this also have a bad part, creating many bots will ask for more resources but I think Top Eleven can handle this.

So in big lines a smart bots can be inserted in leagues where there are not enough players of that level or in strong leagues, giving more chances to normal managers to promote.

What a Smart-Bot should be? Well a 5 stars team is enough, something like Mourinho but of course not so good quality.

I know that this sounds crazy and not that easier but from what I see unless you don’t make the draws pure random you will start losing good managers on high level every season and not 2,3.


  1. That’s a great idea.
    In mid. levels it’s not necessary. I ‘m playing lv17 and in the CH.L. groups, I can see some teams really weak. When I checked their leagues, all the teams there are very weak, with 1*-3* players.
    It’s not that they can’t afford to buy some higher q players. I also have a 35T team – only with the sources of the game and I can build a good 4*-5* team every season.
    Those low q teams are abandoned by their managers. They could be in mixed leagues and not playing in low q leagues and promote to CH.L. too !!!
    As about high lv leagues, yes, bot teams could give a breath. Not abandoned but like in the started levels where there are some bot teams to fill the leagues.
    I hope some day nordeus starts to think like UEFFA guys.
    They aren’t stupid to make quality groups and making every body happy (with full pockets too !).

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