Languages removed

We must share these bad news with you but it’s possible to be even worst in time. The question is: What can we do now?    

The reason Top Eleven (Nordeus) decided to remove some languages is because some countries didn’t had enough players. Probably there’s a target, a minimum numbers of players per country.

What languages they removed?

Quite many until now and we are not sure if others are coming but let’s see what languages are not available anymore: Catalan, Azerbaijani, Estonian, Georgian, Albanian, Macedonian, Hungarian, Bosnian, Croatian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Slovenian and Slovak.

If you have selected any of that, your game will be automatically switched to english (UK).

The game will remain available in 28 languages (29 with US-english).


For me is sad to see that some people won’t be able to play the game in their native language because for somebody who don’t know to much English till it will be an impediment.

The game for sure will lose a number of players, possible not the old members but in the future it will be much harder to get new players from some countries if they won’t offer support in their language.

Now we get back on the first question. Is something that we can do? The only option left is to ask to add your language back on Top Eleven forum or on email, ask your friends to help you and your voice might count for them. You can also ask to be a volunteer translator because from what we know and our experience with Top Eleven so far, the game is translated also with the help of regular users.

I think it’s a bad idea because they had the game translated in a huge proportion, more then 90% and all the basic things was already translated, even a mix of english / local language will be better then nothing but it’s up to Top Eleven and they should know better what to do.

If your language has been removed and you will need our help for a future communication with the support team / forum team, you can ask me for help and I will be happy to do it!

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  1. Hallo
    Ich habe mein top Eleven mit Facebook verbunden gehabt. Daraufhin mein Facebook acc gelöscht. Jetzt kann ich top Eleven nicht mehr mit meinem neuen acc verbinden . Was tun?

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