Only couple of hours left until the King of the Hill challenge will be released so get your team ready!

This is for sure one of the challenges that you do not want to miss cause is gonna be probably of the the most fun but also hard challenge. Is all or nothing!

First thing you should know about this challenge is that you have to “sign in” in order to join the challenge but no worries to do that is very simple, just log in-game, click on the King of the Hill announcement and JOIN.

One good thing is that these matches do not impact upon players condition, moral or injuries, so you can easily join the challenge without any fear of getting your players tired or injured.

Remember that players can receive cards in these games but they are not carried over from one game to another.

Note from TOP ELEVEN:

Challenge other Managers on the daily leaderboard and win to take their trophy from them
There is only one trophy before you and another Manager and it can only belong to one of you at a time
Only the challenge is present during these matches. The defender has an automatic Defence bonus applied
Keep your team in good shape to be sure you protect your trophies from other Managers
Retain your trophies to climb the ranks as high as possible at the end of the daily leaderboard
The daily leaderboard resets every 24 hours. Trophies you have when the counter reaches zero are added to your Overall ranking
You have free challenges which recharge over time
Trophies will decide the final standings, followed by goal difference, goals scored and finally, the number of wins in case of a tie.

If you have any questions regarding this challenge or any issue you can write us here or even better join the official discussion on the Top Eleven forum.


  1. What is the point of stealing other club’s trophies???
    Can anyone explain to me?

    The number of trophies make the level of club high?
    I still don’t get the point of this event.

    1. You will not lose your team trophies. Is not like you are going to bet them. There will be new Trophies given to all teams in the challenge and you will win / lose those ones.

  2. I’ve just won the challenge and the game has disappeared from my home page before I can claim the free player. What a con and I have a very unhappy son in tears.

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