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Hi Managers!

This season, together with the Special Sponsor event Top Eleven is bringing the exclusive King of Champions challenge! Sing up NOW to secure your spot! The challenge kicks off on Wednesday.

The challenge will consist of 3 phases with similar mechanics as the previous King of Kings Challenge (King of the Hill).

Rules for the 1st Phase:

  • Challenge other Managers on the daily leaderboard and win to take their trophy from them.
  • There is only one trophy between you and another Manager, and it can only belong to one of you at a time.
  • Retain your trophies to rank as high as possible at the end of the daily leaderboard.
  • The daily leaderboard resets every 24 hours. The trophies you own when the counter reaches zero are transferred to your overall ranking.
  • At the end of the event, rewards are based on the overall ranking.
  • You have free challenges that recharge over time.
  • The overall trophies count will be reset on the next phase for every Manager.
  • Trophies required at the end of the day to be eligible for daily rewards: 2
  • Trophies required at the end of the phase in the overall count to be eligible for overall rewards: 3
  • At the end of this qualification phase, only the Managers who meet condition 1: Finish this qualification phase in the top 4 of the overall ranking and condition 2: Have at least 3 trophies in the overall count at the end of this phase will proceed to the next phase.
  • The event has three phases (two qualifying phases and the final phase).
  • All event matches are shorter than regular matches.

Sign up NOW and good luck!

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