Jerseys Mania – Contest

It’s time for “Jersey Mania” so everyday until 31 July this month we will host a new contest where you can win a jersey!

Everyday we will host a new contest where you can win a regular jersey or a premium jersey.

In total we have 18 jerseys, 13 regular and 5 premium but is very possible to add few more premium jerseys.

Come here everyday to find what jersey you can win!


Jersey 1 – 7/13/2015 – Adrian N-ski

Jersey 2 – 7/14/2015Carlos X Eliana

Jersey 3 – 7/15/2015Kyle Reese

Jersey 4 – 7/16/2015 – Bang Ger

Jersey 5 – 7/17/2015Salah Eddine

Jersey 6 – 7/18/2015 – Mithun Selvam

Jersey 7 – 7/19/2015 – Adrian N-ski

Jersey 8 – 7/20/2015 – Marko Živković

Jersey 9 – 7/21/2015 – Bambang Yulianto

Jersey 10 – 7/22/2015  – Bambang Yulianto

Jersey 11 – 7/23/2015 – Mochamed Suprianto

Jersey 12 – 7/24/2015SK Robert

Jersey 13 – 7/25/2015SK Robert

JERSEY MANIA – 7/25 – 7/31/2015Pratik Mallick

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    1. You will see, this is not hard at all, we managed to make it via email but here we can’t because we have a short time so we will ask for FB profile link.

    1. Hey Alexis, isn’t available anymore because Nordeus contract with Barcelona is over, cheers!

    1. Sooner or later you will, don’t worry!

      The truth is that is quite hard because there are always from 20-60,70 per contest so yea, is quite hard to be the lucky one.

    1. Can you be more exactly? Donation for?

      If you are talking about buying tokens, most of the countries already have one if not try to contact topeleven support team at only they can help you.

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