Jersey of the Month – December designs!

With Santa and the reindeers already traveling to our Clubs -we expect a Christmas giveaway as usual -ehem^^ –  it’s time to take a look at the December Jerseys which have a obvious Xmas inspiration.

I’ve to say that I’m more of unicorns so for the proximity of the specie my favourite jersey is the red one, which looks like a wool calid jersey and thats what I actually need to be a happy manager.

Someone said that true coaches wear suit, and not tracksuit, but for those who are working as coaches in winter we strongly recommend our wool shirt or the green long sleeve, which have a Christmas touch too but my mind is often focussed in food in these special dates, so I’m really confused about it because I only can interprete the piece as a design with many green peepers and it reminds me a typical Spanish winter dish called “samfaina”.

Don’t miss the opportunity to add these unique art pieces in your club collection.



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