If you are a fan of Top Eleven Album feature we have some pretty big news for you!

This is the statement from Top Eleven on their official forum:

Hi Managers,

We’re making changes to the National Team album feature today. Please see below for the full list of what’s changing:

IMPORTANT NOTE: To see the Top Eleven Album feature, you must update to Top Eleven version 7.8

International Window 

Matches with your International team will now only be available from Wednesday 10am CEST to Thursday 10am CEST every week. You will still be able to train your players outside of this window. Be sure to have your National team ready for these mid-week fixtures!

Less Condition Spent

During International Matches, your players will use approximately 20% less condition than before. This will allow you to keep them fresh for the entirety of the International window.

Less Points to Unlock Players

You’ll now earn a player for your International squad after winning 6 points from beating opponents. You previously needed 10 points to unlock.

The first International Break will be this Wednesday, October 17th.

I have a pro opinion regarding this update but at the same time would be nice if Top Eleven would reconsider other things as well like for example the quality of the free players.

Quality of the free players should be adjusted based on the quality of our first eleven  just like Top Eleven adjust the quality of our opponents based on our first eleven.

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