Injuries – Update

HY! We have some super great news for you! Few days ago Top Eleven came with one of the greatest updates so far.    

This time the advantage seems to be only in the players advantage which is something super great, no? Ok so what’s so special on this update and what’s about?

Like we said, few days ago they made an update regarding the injuries and they changed a bit the system. More exactly because many users started to complain about the injuries number they finally decided to reduce the number of injuries.



This is what they changed:

– Scout players will not be injured for some period of time after they were signed

(Seems fair because you pay kinda a lot of this type of players)

– Players will not get injured in the few days following their last injury

(Same and is most likely in real life this to happen too)
– It won’t be possible to have more than one injury per team during the same live match

(Super great, especially when you have a limited number of good substitutions)



Not sure exactly how the new system is working and if it will be a great asset for all managers but next season we will start a one season test and counting everything about injuries. Cheers!


  1. Finally!

    A week ago I had 4, YES, FOUR injuries in one match! Never happened to me before but i was horrified cause it was min 60 and I ran out of subs!!! Thankfully I had been up 4-0 by that time so it made no difference except for my treatment boosters decimation 🙁

    Great update, finally!

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