Improving Trophy Room

I don’t know how important this is for you but for me is clearly a must and something that should be changed!                           


Another thing that we lost in the new version of the game is the trophy room and I really don’t understand why because people loved this.


Is true that you can still see your trophies but that’s not really a trophy room where you can’t see them displayed all together, or at least a big part of them.



The way the trophies are displayed now is not really a bad one and I like few things like you can see your previous seasons detailed and trophies categorized by seasons but this is not really the best option for us.



Because we all love to share our trophies collection what are our options to do it now? Before even if you had a very big number of trophies you was able to show it by making few picture 1,2…4,5 depending on how many seasons and successful you were but now is really a big pain in the ass because just imagine if you want to show all your trophies on Top Eleven Forum, on Facebook or just to a friend, you would need to send a picture for every single season you played.


As you can see in the picture from above I have over 50 seasons of Top Eleven played so far, what would be my option, to make over 50 picture, that’s just insane and I really doubt that somebody would do it especially after so many seasons.


I quite miss the old design from the 2.0 version of the game where you was able to get a better picture of the trophies you managed to win with your team.



Another big disadvantage of the new way the trophies are designed in the game now is that you can’t see anymore your friends or enemies opponents trophies which I honestly think is very stupid and I don’t understand why it was made like this.


By watching your opponent trophies you was able to make a good idea about how he is as manager and what would be your chances to fight against him during the season.


Not talking that this is  something that affect us as manager and all of us would like others to see what we managed to achieve with our team in the game so far.


Hopefully this is on Top Eleven list for future improvements of the game because this might be a real improvement for all the managers in the game and I don’t think so somebody will complain and just more then sure everyone will congratulate Top Eleven if they will do it.


What do you think about the new “trophy room” and if you miss the trophy room from the 2.0 version of the game.





  1. HI Admin, you are really doing a great job here by providing useful tips, clarifications and up-to-date enlightenment to use in this forum. Thanx!

  2. Pls I wanna know if you are a staff of Top eleven or not. You so current with the happenings in there.

    But come to think of it, why should build a training centre & training young players only to be charged with exorbitant tokens to obtain them to play for me in my team? They are not even top class players, but the tokens to obtain is too much compare to other top players. It’s so surprising that nobody has talked about this wicked action by TE. I attached a pix……

      1. To answer you, I am not an official employee of Top Eleven and regarding U-21 I also think those players should be free but is not me who created the game like that…

        1. Thanks so much Admin,
          All the answers you provide are valuable to us owing to the fact that you are just like one of us, an enthusiast of TE, but if you have any means of passing our suggestions, complaints, questions, etc to them, pls don’t hesitate to do it. You’re the best! I really appreciate you!

  3. He is just a player I met outside the auction market, but a player I trained…. Ain’t this a total Bullshit? Admin, where are you?? You comments pls!

  4. we dont need to see a bunch of pictures for every cup or trophy, since we only have 3 categories. it should have three columns with pictures on top and seasons on the left, with results under each category. first place being highlighted.

  5. Hello Administrator,
    I know this is another topic but couldn’t see an entry talking about it.
    How come now that i am at level 2, my players, especially the top rating ones have lost their stars and become regular players. is there something to do about it other than sign new ones? it is a shame as u dont have enough money or tokens to sign up new players who are usually expensive and also wanted by others so u use up all your tokens.


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