There’s always place for better in-game and what I expect next from the game is to improve the things we already have.       


Top Eleven 2016 is clearly changed if we compare with the 2015 version and with other updates on road the game is really changing but what I think the game needs the most at the moment is to improve the features they already have in the game.


Friendly game is just one of them and about this I decided to talk today.



Personal I think the associations proved that friendly games can bring a lot of activity in the game and just as the friendly games run inside the association, that’s how friendly should be.



This is actually not a new idea. There was more people asking for this in the past, including me and also in a recent discussion with somebody from Top Eleven he told me this might be the future on the friendly games.


I have dozen and dozen of friends in the game but I simply don’t find anything fun in playing with somebody who’s 10 levels bigger then me or 10 levels lower then me because the outcome is  clear, the weakest team will be trashed without any problems.


For those who don’t know how this would be well is just gonna be like with the association system, no matter of what’s your team level, all that matters are your players stars, so if you would be  level 10 and have a 5 stars team you would be equal with a 5 stars team from level 1,10,20,30, etc.



  • None | I honestly don’t see any disadvantage, maybe if you are selfish person, you would say “WHY” because you worked more seasons then your friend but I don’t see this as a strong point as long friendly games doesn’t have any huge impact in the game at the moment.



  • Increasing number of friendly games | This would clearly boost a lot the friendly games that are paid per day because we all would be motivated to see what our team can do against all our friends, against team we didn’t had any chance before because of the team level.
  • Friendly tournaments | There are a lot of groups who are trying to host friendly tournaments but is very hard and they all have very weird rules and anyway usually the winning team is the one with the highest level.  This option would bring unlimited possibilities for friendly tournaments among friends and not only.
  • Playing fair against any team | Very likely is more logical like this and just imagine the struggle that is now when you invite a friend  in the game but you can’t play any game against him because of the level issue,     ….. well you can play but where’s the fun when he is level X and you have 10 or 20 levels over him, clearly none! Unless you are a sadistic person and you like to trash your friend in all ways possible xo-xo-xo.


I’m curious what you think about this idea and if you have any suggestion please leave a comment. Thank you!



  1. Hi dear.

    Nice article ! Real improvment and certainly this new opportunity is what Nordeus is aiming for the future.

    Nowin your disadvantages, I saw one important.

    Do you remember cheating topics where chinese people are targeted due to VPN action that allow them to take lot of videos (for rests packs). Do you remember that at a certain moment, some could have till 100 a day. Some weeks ago, it became only 40… and now 35 for the most happy managers. I am in a situation where I only have around 15 a day and some friends get only 5 a day. So unfair, isn’t it finally !!!

    Come back to our topic… Don’t you think some of us use those easy friendlies only to get rest packs ? I am one of them. I don’t care about result, nor my formation and players used… So I often won those friendlies (versus level -30 difference) with only 3, 4, 5 goals maxi maybe. The only thing I see afterward is “Did I earn 1 green, 2 blue, 1 red packs ?

    As Nordeus modified rules for videos (even if they told about localisation, advertissement…) and I am a manager that cannot invest money (real one) this element remains important.

    So -yes- friendlies versus lower teams could be important in a certain measure !


  2. Friendlies wasn’t working anyway.
    Now that the managers don’t earning that % bonus training, they don’t spend their greens to that (unless it’s for tickets income).
    to bad, now it’s a useles feature.

  3. Agree with the last post.
    Friendlies have become obsolete.

    Friendlies are good for beginners to get extra games of experience, but then your schedule gets very full, very quick.

    I deliberately lose my first “Cup” match-up every season, so I can focus on the League & Champions League, and spend just a reasonable amount on rests & morale.
    The level structure of the game, as a whole, is clearly set up in a way to entice managers to spend money and improve their team.

    Taking levels out of Friendlies, and playing them like Association matches won’t make them relevant.
    They would have to make the REWARD for playing Friendlies much greater, to justify the spend on rests.

    Friendlies are fine as they are, a beginners tool.

    On another topic, what about
    How COOL would it be to finish #1 over 15 or 20 million other users.
    Shit, it would be cool to finish in the top 50,000
    at 16 million members you would have to win about 40 matches to win the cup.
    at 2 matches per week, the World Knock Out Cup would take about 5 months to complete

  4. Nice idea. I’ve struggling because this. Many of my friend were on different level and that’s make the friendly match not funny. With this maybe we can play together again.

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