Iceland and Germany Jerseys

Top Eleven released today 3 retro jerseys and if you want to learn more about them, this is now your chance to do it.          


Well not everything goes as you expect and now I am more confident that we won’t have all the teams from Euro 2016 but maybe the last 8 teams qualified so far.


Today they added in the shop three new jerseys, one from Iceland and two retro jerseys from Germany.



I tried to find some information about them and because sometimes you can’t find what exactly you want and I really don’t have the necessary time to search all over the internet and see if these information are real, here is what I found.


Iceland  jersey is actually not a retro one and it seems to be the jersey from Euro 2016 but thinking they qualified only once at a final tournament in all their history this event for them can be a retro one and who knows when we will see them.

  • Here’s a picture of Iceland jersey from 2016 and what I don’t understand is why they didn’t add the away jersey to have a full set but once again is up to them and I am happy with something then to don’t have anything.

Germany Home jersey is from 1994 created by Adidas for Fifa World Cup from that year.

  • Picture of Germany squad in US at World Cup 1994 wearing this jersey

Germany Away jersey is from 1990 and it remains me of this Pokemon, damn… It was also designed by Adidas.




Prices:  Iceland (25 tokens); Germany Home and Away jersey (30 tokens)

  • I found the prices pretty much reasonable especially if I think how easy is to get them nowadays.


Tomorrow they will release few more and we also got some information about another jersey that is on road but about that jersey we will speak in another article.



  1. I’m not sure, but after waiting a few days I get Iceland jersey with the cost of 15T, to a combination of emblems Biggleswade United Fc ?

    1. Hey Darren , sorry for the late replay but I am super busy at the moment so I could not answer earlier. The jersey is not available anymore but I think i have some left, maybe I will make some contests with them, stay tuned!

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