How to delete Top Eleven Account

Maybe this isn’t something we should teach you but on the other side is your right to know what can you do if you are planning to delete your account.                                                                            



Once they removed the Take Over option by removing permanent the Job Center, I’ve seen searches about how managers can delete their team.





One of the main reason some managers are planning to delete their teams is because they want to start it again from zero and not because they want to quite the game forever.


As you might know because otherwise you will not end here, the game can’t be deleted by clicking some bottoms (unfortunately) and there are more reasons why, some in the game advantage and some in our advantage because a deleted account can have a big influence on the rest of the players as well.




So if you are planning to delete your account permanent you must know that you can’t do it right when you want but yes you can do it but just prepare to wait for a very long period of time. The only way you can do it, is to delete the application and also block it (my advice) and be sure you don’t click on anything related to Top Eleven game link for like 3 months, then your account would be removed for inactivity.



I know that before there was a period of 72 days but I think sometimes it takes longer till your account will get deleted from the system.


If you are planning to restart from 0 you must proceed  just like when you are looking to remove permanent your account, just as I wrote above.


Another solution would be to try on another account but this is not the exactly fix you are looking for. I know, but these are the only options available for you at the moment.


    1. I’ve said there, if you get on the 72 day in the game or 74 or 80 and is during an opening season it won’t help you at all because usually teams are wiped out only when a new season start.

      1. i do not have any account in games but you are charging me everyday with different amount and it is getting higher rates can my phone number be charge without a prior notice to the owner?i want to cancel it but how can i do that?your website doesn’t even helpful!!!!

  1. I have two accounts, one from fb and another from gmail, i want to delete my google play account and then merge it with the fb account. how can i do it?

    1. I am not pretty sure if that’s possible, try to open a ticket in-game, maybe there is a way.

      1. I totally agree. I have spent $100 in this game but it is now become too blatant the drive for money by Nordeus. Very disappointed. I am noticing a constant pattern where if you do not buy the recommended players, you will start losing in all ‘impossible’ ways. Like for example, playing a decisive game and by sheer miracle, after 5 mins your top scorer gets injured, you replace and 5 mins later your 2nd star player gets a red card.
        It is also all screwed up – Nordeus say that power/stars of players do not factor in – then why the hack did they do this. I often played against teams that have players not more than 3 stars and like 35 yrs of age and play against my team with oldest player being 25 and get beaten no matter what formation you put in.. Also some teams seem unbeatable …Could stay nagging for ages and it is not worth the time – do like me…just spend your remaining tokens and switch on to another game.

        1. I second that. There does seem to be a programmed punishment for not purchasing for some time. On the other hand, sometimes you do purchase and don’t get good results. I am talking about experienced decision-making that’s beaten by amateur managers with awkward formations. In a decisive match, one of my star players got a red card for spitting on another player (a feat for which I earned an “achievement”). That’s so random that we simply feel that the game doesn’t deserve that much attention from us.

  2. The login account for my facebook ( is different from my TopEleven account ( Is there any way I can reconcile the two? F**kn facebook doesn’t accept my new email (keeps saying admin disabled).

  3. This game is amazing and at the same a great waste of valuable time. i know people who have been so addicted to the game and it as done more harm to them than good. My advise, kindly ignore the game. add values to yourself and move on with life.
    The sad truth you should know is that: IF THE PEOPLE THAT DESIGNED THAT GAME SPEND HALF THE TIME YOU SPEND ON IT AS WELL, THERE WILL BE NO ADVANCEMENT AND DEVELOPMENT. So my advise stop playing the game and use your time well to become a better you. feel free to respond to my mail…
    God bless you.

  4. I have 3 teams , 1 as a guest 1 in apple ID and one with FB i just want to benefit from facebook shares for tokens and in my guest club the facebook does not open what to do i just want to switch

  5. Hi i have account on my iphone and i have one on my FB can i delete my FB account (all data) and continue with my iphone account thru FB?

    Thanks in advance

  6. Top eleven has proven to be a stupid time wasting game, After wasting a whole lot of time on it, You end up loosing som stupid matches that you are favourite upon and it kips happening. The game is frustratingly stupid.

  7. Just imagine, losing with a ball pocession of 72 over 28, and it kips happening. Its jux annoying. So why waste your time on a game that is based on share luck…

  8. Bye bye t11, you stupid game… I never seen anything more unfair. I did all trainings, I played properly, I even payed money (stupid me, I admit) and I am losing big time, even if I changed a lot of tactics and styles. Fuck you all. I don’t fuckin care how I quit the game, I won’t simply touch anything related and that’s that. Someone should bring you down, really…

  9. Well honestly I did not play it for years plus I deleted the app on Facebook but now I reopen it & when I try connect it to my Facebook it gives me the old account I don’t want that one 🙁

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