Very great news for you guys because we just updated our host and we are here to stay!

Finally we managed to updated our host so for sure the website would be available at least for one more year and everything is here would stay for you.

Here are some statistics of the website:

First article has been written on 22/June/2015 – Ajax Amsterdam

Most commended article have over 550 comments – Win 100 Tokens
Most visited article have over 90.000 visits – Redeem Codes 2016

Unique visitors – Over 500.000
Total visits – Over 3.000.000


Despite we are only a fan page the statistics are truly awesome and way more over our expectations so thank you all for visiting and supporting us and our work so far.

Also many thanks to the people from Nordeus and Top Eleven who supported our website and always been close to us despite many time we criticized their decisions and we didn’t agreed with them but indeed recently Top Eleven managed to introduce many great new features and something big is also on road.

Sadly recently we had a lot of work to do  and less time to update the website but we would try to keep doing it as much as we can and hopefully we will continue with our work and we are also opened for part time editors so if you wish to write on the website you can send us your ideas or articles on


  1. Everything is updated but it seems the game is still crap and needs a fix. Am currently the best quality in my league but still sitting on the 10th position. I have all the specs with world class players but still loose to teams 40% below me.
    Are they always having technical errors ? or how do we communicate with top eleven itself..?
    Admin please reply…

    1. Thats a lie. I’ve never lost to a team 20% below me. How can you lose to someone 40% below you. What kind of bad formations are you using?

    2. @cHELSHIT fc says:
      I have tried sevral formations, i basically use 5-4-1, which has won me 7league cups out of 11 and 3 champions league with 3 runner ups. Its jux a bad season for me i guess, am now using 4-2-3-1 formation dough and am sitting on 6th position currently, this would be the first time am going without qualifying for champions league.

      1. Why are you using 5 defenders if you are the best in your league. Use 4 or 3 defenders and strengthen your attack or midfield.

        1. Maybe that’s why I am the best because I use 5 defenders? Personal tip: as long as a formation works, there’s no reason to change anything.

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