Holidays gifts

It’s time for Christmas and holidays in Top Eleven so let’s see together what can we win in the game during holidays. All the user who have more then one year in Top Eleven might know that this is not exactly something new because in the past years we was getting this kind of rewards too.

This year is pretty much like last 2, the gifts are same but for the new ones let’s see what you can win this Christmas in Top Eleven 2015!

Everyday for the next 2 weeks, including this one you can win all boosters and tokens.


Red – 1 to 3

Green – 1 to 3

Green – 1 to 3


I decided to make a video opening more gifts to show you in big lines what you can win.

Remember that this is both available for desktop version and mobile version (Android & iOS).

I wish you great holidays to all of you and hopefully the Top Eleven 2016 will be even better then 2015 version. Merry Christmas to all of you!


  1. Hi admin is ethar I really like this new Idea it’s an amazing success but lately you haven’t been put codes for tokens nor rest backs please do ,thank you

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