Hidden Achievements

Have you ever wondered what are all T11 hidden achievements? Here you can find all and how to unlock all of them.

Park the bus – Win the game without a striker

24/7 – You need to log in Top Eleven for 7 days in row

Never Walk Alone – You need to attend at a match played with house full

Tireless – You must set 5 friendly games in one single day

Benefactor – Gift an official item

Early Retirement – Sack a retiring player

Bad Day – Let yourself (or be) dominated during a match you are online

Domination – Dominate your opponent during a match you are online

Entourage – Have 5 supporters at your game when you are online

Bully – Get 3 red cards during a game that you’ve attended

Undefeated – Win the league without losing a game

Poker face – You need to win a player with your last token

Bad habit – Your player have to spit another player at a game you attended

Game over – Defeat a player who have won his last 15 games or more

Recession – Lose a player because of debt

Stubborn – Bid for 50 rounds or more






  1. At my level,recession and stubborn are not possible. Why would i bid for 50 rounds when i can get scot player for like 45 tokens

  2. please for win the game without a striker is it a league game any type of match be it friendly league champions league association and for it to count do i have to remove my strike mid-way or not start the match with them at all

    1. i got a league-CL-Super cup treble at lv 6, a Cup at lv 7, and am going to go for them all now at lv 8 but considering my fate lately i’ll probably bottle it all up 😂 harder to win the higher the level, so i spend what i can and try to get trophies now before lv 10

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