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Are you looking for help in Top Eleven? Do you need to counter a formation or you have an issue in the game?

Today we gonna show you the best and the fastest ways to get help on your problems.

1. Top Eleven Facebook Official Pages – As you know Top Eleven have a very popular facebook page with over 13 millions  likes and few more local pages (Romania, Serbia, Italy, GermanyIndonesia, etc) but we do not recommend you because is very hard to get an answer from them, especially on the main Facebook page.

-Top Eleven Official Page: 3/10

-Top Eleven Official Local Pages: 1-8/10


2. Top Eleven Facebook Unofficial Pages – You have better chances to find an answer at your questions on some unofficial Facebook page but the quality of the answer might not be always the best. I only recommend you these 2 pages: Orlova FC and Top Eleven Brasil.

-Top Eleven Unofficial Pages: 1-8/10

-Orlova FC & Top Eleven Brasil: 8/10


3. Top Eleven Facebook Unofficial Groups – It’s a good place where you can search fast for help but same like on the unofficial Facebook pages the quality of the answers might not be the best.

-Unofficial Groups: 1-6/10


4. Top Eleven Official Forum – Probably the best place where you can find help for any kind of issues. You can find answers almost for everything and also is offering special support on local forums for Romania, Serbia, Indonesia, Spain and Turkey.

-Top Eleven Official Forum: 9/10


5. Official Email: – Another top place where you can get support is on their official email address. If you ever contact them via email, don’t forget to share as many details as you can and to add your facebook profile ID (you can find it in the game, tab – HELP) or just link them your FB profile link so they can look on your team, this is very important.

-Official Email Address: 9/10 


We showed you 5 ways to get support & help for Top Eleven. Let us to know your experience on these websites (pages, groups, forums, etc) and also if you know other great websites, fb pages & groups or any other great places where you can get support on Top Eleven please share it with us here in a comment. Thank you!


  1. Specifically Morocco as well as North Africa when it was put new shirts or logos do not appear in the new country of Morocco and North Africa

    1. I told you already. In order to get that special item you must log from Indonesia, only then you can see it in shop.

  2. Not talking about slogans, but I’m talking about T-shirts available in other countries and are not available in my area or country

  3. Not talking about logos, but I’m talking about T-shirts available in other countries and are not available in my area or country

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