Pretty likely you never heard about #HASHTAG UNITED but this is gonna be the new sensation in Top Eleven!?                   


More then sure this team is gonna appear in the game as long Top Eleven already sponsored their jerseys for this season but who and what is HASHTAG UNITED!?

Who they are?  Well is easier for me to show you this video then to write about them because on the internet I can’t find to many information.

Basically I assume that this started as a fun and family project by Spencer, a pretty popular YouTube among Fifa player. With over 1 million fans on YouTube or better to say with almost 2 millions he is one of the best in branch.


Spencer promoted Top Eleven more times on his YouTube channel and clearly from here started the collaboration of Top Eleven with #TAG UNITED.


For even more information I recommend you to watch this video where you can find more about the collaboration between Top Eleven and HASHTAG UNITED.


Now to answer on some of your questions in advance:


Price: (starting from free up to 30+ for emblem and up to 25 for jerseys)
Away Jersey: (not sure why but I have a feeling that we will only have one jersey, hopefully not)
Release Date: (starting from this week until #?)
Official or premium: (maybe they will be counted as official items but I don’t think you would need to buy tokens to be able to send them)


All together I think this is a plus for the game and after all: “the more, the better!”.


Here you also have some useful links if you want to stay in touch more with HASHTAG UNITED

YouTube: SpencerFC


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