Just as I expected, Top Eleven planned to add HASHTAG UNITED in the game and is gonna sooner then I expected!              In few hours pretty much everyone will be able to get the jersey and the emblem of HASHTAG UNITED for free because Top Eleven just started a new challenge on Twitter with HASHTAG UNITED and the reward is the full kit.


All you have to do is to follow #HASHTAG UNITED on Twitter and give a re-tweet and that’s pretty much everything.



Between you and I, you don’t even need to do that because once the page hits over 50k new followers they will automatically release them and is more likely to happen even without your help but because you are a nice manager, you should do it.

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PS: Even if they don’t hit the number and I doubt it, they will release anyway the jersey and the emblem.


Here is the link for the new challenge from HASHTAG UNITED and Top Eleven so feel free to join and if you are looking for even more information you can visit our article from yesterday “#HASHTAG UNITED – IN TOP ELEVEN“.


In the article I wrote yesterday about HASHTAG UNITED I was right when I said that there will be only a jersey and yet I don’t understand why. Is not the first time when this happen and they should understand that is really hard to match 2 jerseys that are not part of the same set.


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