Happy Birthday Top Eleven!

Top Eleven is celebrating today their 7th Birthday and there’s no cake or party for us.

Sadly no cake or party for us but at least everyone has been gifted today by Top Eleven and if you want to see what you received, just log into the game and visit your club storage, you will find there a new jersey which commemorates their 7th birthday.

A new year and new plans, ideas, hopes and dreams for Top Eleven but let’s see what they did during their last year.

From 6 to 7 years Top Eleven did exactly what any spoiled small kid would do: played and tried new experiences everyday without carrying to much about the outcome and mistakes being just a lesson for a better game in the future.

It’s been probably the most insane year so far in Top Eleven with some of the biggest updates we had until now.

They closed the old version of the game, the released “Associations” which is probably one of the best updates so far, they changed almost completely the auction system, they introduced to us Nivea League and many other thing.

(7th Birthday gift from Top Eleven)

1 year as 10 I can say for Top Eleven. This was the most socking year of Top Eleven and let’s hope during their 7th year they will do their best to improve their game.

Currently Top Eleven have a lot of new features and we still need time to master them so my suggestion for them is to focus now on what they have and improve everything they because they have a lot!

Our gift for you is over half a million unique visitors in the last year and more then 3 millions hits!

Happy 7th Birthday Top Eleven! 


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