Halloween Jerseys – by Khris

“Naaaants ingonyamaaa

bagithi babaaa…”

Inspirational song to feel the ambient LOL:


Hi all, here Khris writing.

Many of you will know me from the forum, mainly. I’ve been playing Top Eleven since the  35th Season with my club FCBayern München, we are actually playing our 89th season, trying to achieve the 9th Super League and the 28th League Title, in a season where I’ve been running Forum Competitions such as a World Cup, -maybe I’ll post a resume about it soon- and a Assistances challenge as a main forum competition after x3 seasons with Clean Sheets challanges.

The forum exists, it’s full of nice people and time to time we do stuffs just to spend the time  in a harmonious community environment hippie style.

Don’t forget to visit us time to time, for any question you have, competitions we are playing, or just talk about life philosophy being inside the courtesy rules (please^^).

As my occupations as leader of planet earth still leave me free time, from now on I will be posting here time to time.

As is tradition in Top Eleven, when Halloween comes we have some kind of event or gift. This year 2019 we had the chance to participate in a “reactions poll style” to select a jersey to be sent for free to all Top Eleven managers.

The result? let’s say that elegance has won.

So now you have a adorable Dracula suit to play with so your players are ready to go to their next dating without losing time.

It’s like doing a pajamas party in the Santiago Bernabeu, ready to party and go to sleep.

The other two designs will be available in the shop for a week and you can buy them for 30 Tokens each.

So you know, if you want to be fashionable, take a look at the store.


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