Is time to say goodbye to Top Eleven 2018 and welcome the new version of the game!

In couple of weeks Top Eleven 2018 is coming to an end to make space for the new version of the game “TOP ELEVEN 2019″. 

What to expect from TOP ELEVEN 2019?

OLD but GOLD! Top Eleven understood that some of the old features have been a success for the game so during the year you can expect some of the old features that have been removed to make their way back into Top Eleven 2019. Some of them even more faster then you can expect!

YOU are the STAR! In 2019 if you won something, Top Eleven will let everyone to know that you did it!

“Give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s” People requested and Top Eleven provided! Many of the features requested on the forum will make it as well in the game. Those confirmed already would clearly please everyone as all of them would bring something positive to the game.

Plus many other big things are planned to come which we can’t really share at this point but keep an eye on Top Eleven social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and you will find more information about the new version.

Until then, let see this quick review of Top Eleven 2018 and remember the good things we had this year.

Remember that if you have any question about Top Eleven we will always be here to help you. Feel free to ask us anything about the game at any time!

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