Goodbye Old Version

Sadly we have to make a pretty sad announcement which for sure wouldn’t  please many of you. Top Eleven decided to close the old flash web version of the game in the near future.

Three days ago Top Eleven developers announced on their official forum that starting with 17 of April 2017 the old flash web version of the game would be terminated and you won’t be able to log into the game using the old version.

Here is the official statement from Top Eleven:

Hi Managers,

On April 17th, the old Flash browser version of Top Eleven will be retiring and will no longer be available.

This was a very difficult decision, as we know many of our longtime Managers enjoy playing on the old version of Top Eleven. However, the decision will allow us to focus our efforts on improving the updated Top Eleven and building new features going forward.

Your clubs will be waiting for you in the updated version of Top Eleven on web browser and supported mobile devices (iOS and Android)! We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your continued support of Top Eleven.

In total we have a bit more then 3 weeks to enjoy the old version of the game, make some screen shoots of it to remind us of our team and to finally say goodbye!

From our point of view, we don’t support this decision but is a pretty logical one because they was using a lot of resources trying to maintain to versions of the game at the same time.

This also would be a good improvement for those who actually play only the new version of the game because now Top Eleven would focus their entire energy only on the new version so we will see even more activity and updates.

We also recommend you to join this thread discussion and share your opinion regarding the game and who knows, maybe your idea would actually be a good one and added into the game.



  1. This is very disappointing as from the votes most managers wanted to keep the old version which was very easy to use and suited most PCS , what is the main reason for changing and exactly what are the Managers getting from the new version ?

    1. Hey Richard, thanks for writing us!

      Well as far as I can see, Top Eleven seems to go more into mobile version of the game so maybe that’s why. Also maintaining 4 versions of the game is not an easy job as long all of them are differently developed.

      1. Mobile version – Android
      2. Mobile version – iOS
      3. Unity version (New version of the browser game)
      4. Flash Version (Old version of the browser game)

      Plus the first 3 versions are pretty much alike, with only small differences for the mobile version, usually visual things like sidebar. Maintaining the old version was an extra work for them.

      Honestly I am as sad as you are but they seems to accept the idea of bringing some of the unique features of old version into the new one. Sadly the new version request much more performances from the device and for some managers won’t be playable.


  2. Hi Admin

    Sorry but I disagree with you on the fact it took lot of time to maintain and up-grade old version.

    As far as my memory can investigate, I can say Nordeus gave same arguments last time they inserted this unity version. They told us it is no more possible to access the old one. Finally those who are used to play with IE could !

    But I would like to affirm nothing was done in the old version from this moment to up-grade or to maintain the quality
    level of this plateform. Up-grading it was “no way” so from this moment announcment, Nordeus just let the old version go on.

    And I can say from this moment it was not anymore possible to change of club. The ability to manage another club with same account was cancelled and now we can see it will be possible only on level 101 (probably informatical issue), so definitively no accessible.

    To maintain the old version was not their trouble… they just let link access on the web !

    On the 17th of April, it won’t be possible anymore as they will destruct it.

    They never solved any issue on the old version from the moment unity version was created !

    So I really don’t understand what it can change for them some continue using old version. But for sure it won’t speed issue resolution for new version

    1. Sorry to tell you but you are wrong. First of all you can still play the old version no matter of what browser you use, you can do it even from Chrome or Mozilla, you only need to access the old version link: .

      Second, you still need to upgrade certain things and one of them for example are the announces, actually you might think is an easy task but basically those can be different things for which you might even need to pay twice in order to get it.

      The reason the level is 101 is because they couldn’t remove that feature without removing others. In fact they did it and bring it back with level 101 which as you pointed is just a quick fix.

      Old version also created issues for the support team because they actually had to do support for 2 different versions of the game.

      The reason they never solved any issue on the old version since Unity was created is because they didn’t wanted to spend their time and resources in something that would be removed anyway.

      I just believe for them it just had to happen and I am pretty sure the reason they remain with Unity is because they have more freedom and also is much closer for what they are aiming, the mobile games market.

      They also developed a new game which if I am not wrong is only for mobile devices and I am sure it would be just for it.

      1. Hi

        Thanks for answering !

        Only a precision please… I didn’t say we can play old version only via IE. I just said IE was THE PLATEFORM Nordeus didn’t success to load new version for ! So when they first annonced end of old version (1 year ago I think) they told us and wrote it that we can not access anymore on old version.

        Finally despite this announce, those who are playing as me on IE still have had access. And as you said on Chrome and others, only use your link was sufficient too.

        Last announce previous month let us know on 17th April, it will be definitively finished even on IE.

        And surprise (not for me) today when loading new version on IE, they informed us we need to install Firefox


        Other information you answered to me were only what I said too. So we are ok both together.

        But you mentionned a crucial information. Nordeus doesn’t need more time for support and sold issues on Top Eleven, they need more time for their new mobile game you mentionned. IT ALL CHANGES only with this little thing.

        1. Well one year ago they announced that they will release a new version of the game but also pointed out (on forum if I remember good) that the old version would still be available for a time as long it was something new even for them they didn’t want to close that one suddenly.

          Basically we can talk for hours about this but I do believe it is because they just want to focus more on the mobile. Another thing to support my theory is the latest update which removed the official items from web version of the game, making them available only for mobile version of the game.

  3. I updated the game after that I was required to download resources but it can’t get pass 57/59 it just hooks there is have deleted the game several times and downloaded it again yet the same thing it’s really getting me pissed off.

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