I know it’s been a while since this challenge already ended but I think it’s important to give a feedback about it.
Germany Tour Challenge was the second of its kind after UK Tour Challenge and as it was expected it came with some cons and pros.

The rewards were slight better this time, especially if we speak about the jerseys and the emblem. It’s clearly that this time Top Eleven designers paid more attention when they made the emblem and the jerseys and gave them a professional look which pleased everyone I heard speaking about them.

The cons regarding this challenge were pretty much all about the difficulty of this challenge which was clearly harder then on the previously challenge from UK tour.

Plus comparing with UK tour challenge who had only 7 opponents to defeat, Germany tour challenge had 10 which clearly increased the difficulty but on another said I have to point out again that the rewards were better, more boosters, more tokens and clearly better designs on Jerseys and Emblems.

Fairly to difficulty of the challenge, Top Eleven developers also extended the period of the challenge by adding few days extra.

All together I think it was a good challenge which created a lot of noise in Top Eleven communities but one thing is for sure, Top Eleven developers should work out on created a more balanced challenge but regarding this topic I will create a new article where I will speak about.

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