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Good news are coming from the support team who is working hard to improve the support experience for Top 11 players.        


This week I had a great chance to meet few great people from Nordeus who also asked me for some help on improving the support part of the game.


Yes! I had a lot of requests and suggestion regarding this but I hope and I’m sure that all of them are in the players advantage. Ideas & suggestions that will save everyone’s time.






In big lines, today I want to show you the new support page which is great because you can find support on almost everything without losing time contacting directly the support team.


To visit the new support page go to Top Eleven official page and click on Support in right upper part or visit this link.


In-game for the desktop (web) version, just open the game and visit the page HELP next to WIN TOKENS page.


The new page come with few a better structure and the updates on day because the game had many changes and new stuffs in 2015.


Except the search function which is very good and help you to find almost everything in few seconds you also have a filter that allows you to choose between web, android or iOS (click here for picture) and you can choose between one of the seven languages available for the moment (click here for picture). This option is at the bottom of the page.


One of the few suggestion for desktop version would be moving the network ID from the bottom of the page in a place much more visible (click here for picture).


For those who don’t know what’s network ID for, in big lines, that’s the code of your FB profile and with this code they can identify your team. You can call it the unique code of your team. There are also another ways to find the code like visiting this website and just insert the URL link of the FB profile link.


This code is always necessary when you submit a ticket at their email support address:


Also when you send an email to Top Eleven (Nordeus) support team always remember to give all the details necessary and never forget your network ID, this will save precious time for both sides.


You can send email in the following languages: English, Spanish, Serbian, German, French, Turkish or Italian.


For the mobile version android and iOS we can’t offer to many details at the moment but don’t worry because everything is going to be good there too.


Comparing with the old version of help (support) page this is a great improvement which can work great and save a lot of time for both sides.


If you have any feedback that you think is good or you found any error feel free to post it here and I will do my best to contact the support team to improve the page.


All together the new page is covering way more topics then before and also is making everything way easier to be found so I found this new update as a big plus.


To make it better, we will also try to find a place on our website to offer a redirect to this great new page.


  1. Hello!
    I just surfed a little trough your new support page.
    I think it’s very well structured. The search button indeed points you to the right direction, i could find alomst everything i searched for very easy.
    There are some little things to fix though …
    1) At some sections it says “here’s a complete guide of how to …” and no link, no guide.
    2) At assigning skill points, it says the skill points are automaticly assigned (if you select the “Auto-assign” option in the player overview) … I can’t find that option … and if I read waht you say i understand that if that option is not selected the skill point won’t be automaticly assigned (wich would be a very good thing btw … returning to how it was before, or, at least give us an option to auto assign or manually assing). So that phrase can induce some players in error …
    3) It doesn’t have Romanian language !!! No problem, for some tokens i could translate it for you in a couple of days 🙂
    4) I can’t find anywhere anything about the very young system generated players from 1st day of every season …
    I could continue but i haven’t seen all the sections … step by step 🙂
    About mail support … it can also be improved.
    I had many conversations with your support people. I was fully satisfied with Yan and Lindsey, but the rest … no comment 🙂
    I just think it’s not possible to work at nordeus support and not to know the time when a new season starts. Not to know about young generated system players every 1st day of the season. It’s not ok to give copy-paste answers (for example i asked why i have some bad results, just to see the answer. It was a copy-paste answer like check your team tactics etc. If the support guy would have a closer look he would see with same line-up and tactics i waon agains very hard opponent and lost to easy opponent). Maybe look deeper on the player’s problem and try to explain him what you think is the problem (in case you don’t know). I get that there are many many players writing to support … but i think every one of them is important and you guys should give some more honest and case related answers, not just a copy-pasted text. (In my case an answer like: look Barcelona vs Deportivo 2-2, shit happens in real life too, game is simulated with a random factor that sometimes advantages weakest teams would have been very satisfying for me).
    Another thing i had was the Localization team … wich tested me in 2014 octomber or november, i was accepted for translating things for topeleven, i was told to wait, after 1 month they again said wait … should i wait some more? (I noticed many many texts were translated since then haha). If you want someone to translate, say and do. If not, just say no. Don’t tell him to wait …
    Hope some of my sugestions were useful for you guys.
    Have a nice day !

  2. I play this game for almost 3 years but now I disappointed for this game. Because your server is not in capability with the player. If I play this game now will be connection to your server error do you want to retry? Again and again like that. Now I have not a spirit to play this game again. If this season end and not a respon for this I will stop to play this game.

    1. Do you get this error on browser or mobile? Try to delete the browser cookie and cache memory then try again.

      1. I have the same problem since 4 days ago if this persist an i loose my player because of this ill stop playing this game for sure.

  3. I have been playing this game for almost two years, but now I can’t log in to my Facebook team anymore. Is very bad, please help me.

  4. Hi,

    My team is: dobi fc

    I finished on the 3rd position in my group in the Champions League and I don’t unterstand why? Because the points is same (the first three teams) and My goals difference is the best, better than for the 1st team!

    Thank You

    1. Check the official Champions League rules, at the end of the group stage, in case of draw, the points / goals conceded and scored against last place are not counted anymore. Very likely that’s why, otherwise I don’t see the reason.

  5. Team Name – Young United FC

    just played the final of the super league with workington utd and his team beat me 2-0 “COMFORTABLY” SHALL I SAY, my team is 103.6 which is 6 stars and my team consists off top players ie coutinho Ronaldo Messi de gea etc I’m just about to finish second/third in my league – im the best in my league too! yet I got beat of top of the league both games in the season! how’s it work that some guy beats my team fully prepped and his team’s 94.5 rated? how on earth does that seem fair I worked hair put every effort to make a strong squad and this post game just scams people!! when it comes to your team being lower rated and someone else’s being higher rated it’s amusing as they beat me ?? NOT FAIR and should be sorted out!!!

  6. Salve, ieri sera 14/01/19 ore 20:01 ho vinto una partita di campionato con il punteggio di 2 a 3, con tanto di cronaca e marcature e ben riportato nella mia HOME il mattino seguente in data 15/01/19, quando però controllo il calendario risulta che ho perso 2 a 1, naturalmente ho eseguito le stampe che certificano l’accaduto. Notavo che da qualche mese non sono più io a gestire la mia squadra ma voi per via delle tante situazioni che per chi come me gioca dal 2013 ne è ben a conoscenza, credo che ieri abbiate toccato il punto più basso in assoluto, mi spiace non potere allegare quanto in mio possesso, ma ha disposizione per chiarimenti in merito.

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