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Hi Managers,

In celebration of Top Eleven’s 10th Birthday, we’re bringing a new Friendly Championship feature!

A brand new competition that will be made completely by you – our Managers! Create your unique League, invite your friends to join and collect amazing rewards!

On the 13th day of every season, the preparation phase for Friendly Championships will start. In the events tab, you’ll be able to create new or join an already existing tournament. A Manager can only participate in one tournament.

To participate, every team will need to have a special Friendly Championship ticket, which you can earn by finishing in the Top 8 the season before. For the Birthday season, everyone will already have a ticket and be ready to jump into a competition.

To Create New

To create a new Championship, go to the create button and after you enter the name your tournament will be created.

In the top right corner, you’ll be able to see the invitation button. By clicking there you’ll generate a unique code that you can send to your friends. You can share the code on your social media channels or directly to your friends through a messaging app.

To Join

Everyone that knows the code can go to the join button from the events screen, type in the code, and tap on apply for the competition. You can to apply for several competitions but play only one. Once the creator of the tournament accepts your application you’re in the tournament.

The creator of the tournament can accept or deny any application. However, each Friendly Championship can have a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 14 competitors. Once a team enters the tournament it will not be able to change.


With this feature, we’ll be introducing reputation, which is an indication of the level of competition and quality in the League. Every team will have its own reputation that will add to the reputation of the whole Championship.

Reputation is calculated for every team individually and for the whole Championship. Individual reputation is measured based on a team level and quality. Individual reputations are calculated as the Manager applies for the competition. The Championship reputation is calculated based on the individual reputations of the top 7 teams in a leaderboard.

The bigger the reputation of your tournament the harder the competition, but the better the rewards for the winners. Every season you’ll be able to win rewards: exclusive home and away jerseys and emblems.


On day 16 of the season, Friendly Championships kick-off. The system of the competition is similar to the Top Eleven League. Matches will be played daily and a club with the most points will claim the top spot. These matches won’t impact players’ condition morale or injuries.

Get your friends ready and stay tuned!. The Friendly Championships are coming soon!


Top Eleven Forum.


The Associations Talk  subforum have a thread where you can find managers to join your tournaments, or where to promote yourself as manager to join a specific tournament that has been already created and that is searching for managers.

Feel free to post here once the joining period starts – Associations Talk


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