Today I want to talk a bit about the free tokens offers because I know a lot of time you are not getting your rewards so maybe I have the solution for you.                                                                



As Top Eleven forum moderator I see people complaining everyday because they have not received their tokens or boosters after they completed a free offer but this also applies to paid offers as well.




To be sure you don’t encounter issues you must first respect three basic and easy tips:


  1. Use valid information (Name, Street, Postal Code, Phone Number, E-mail, etc). 
    – Is very important for the e-mail address to be the same one with the Facebok account you logged in Top Eleven
    – If you plan to complete surveys is very important to use real information and not to type something random, otherwise you are risking to don’t qualify for the survey.
  2.  Enable Cookies, Java, Flash, Ad blocker must be disabled.
    – These are also very important, especially Ad blocker because you are risking to don’t receive the full content and you won’t be able to finish the offer.
  3.  Read carefully offer description.
    – I think here’s the biggest issue, people usually are not reading carefully the offer description and is very tricky because at games for example, is not necessary only to install it or to open the game and play. Sometimes you must spend an amount of time or reach some certain level.
    free-tokens-offers free-tokens-offers2

If you followed those 3 steps more then sure you will receive your tokens or boosters but indeed sometimes is not happening and there can be more reasons.
Is also very important to know some basic things rewarding what is not allowed to do when you complete the offers and what are the risks if you are doing it.


  1. Is forbidden to use hidden proxies, fake accounts or any GEO or IP manipulation. 
  2. Multiple users from the same account is not allowed. 
  3. Insufficient or incorrect data when you complete the offer.
    – Most of the time you won’t be allowed to skip the steps but sometimes you can even if you didn’t filled everything but if you will open a report and they will see it is not completed you might not get your rewards.


If you know that you completed the offer and you still not received your reward, do not contact Top Eleven support team right away because this might be a longer process actually but instead contact the support team of the company that provided you the offer: Matomy, TokensAds, Trialpay, SupersonicAds, Peanut Labs,  SponsorPay, Superrewards, etc.


There are more ways to contact them but usually you can find their support option in-game on their page and you will receive the answer back on your e-mail address.
If you can’t find their support option in-game you can look on the internet for their support e-mail address. We also can help you with finding their support e-mail address if you need. Just leave us a message and we can look for you. ASAP we will provide you an answer.


If you did everything already and you didn’t received your rewards, as last resort you can contact Top Eleven support team and they will try to work with you to find the best solution but from own experience I can tell you that contacting directly the offers providers support team can be a much faster option for you because their support team is specialized in this and basically that’s their job.


  1. Thanks for Describing ALL ablout Of reasons that we need basically. THANKS U.
    If u need….let me help a little…..

  2. I have completed token offer for Game of War which is the task to reach Stronghold Level 5..All email and other information is same in top eleven..So what is the problem here?Do I need to spend a money in GOW?

  3. I have reached level 5 in Time to be a hero, but have not reseaved any tokens yet. All information and email is same as in Top Eleven!

  4. well when i play top eleven on my laptop true browser, there are no offers anymore?? where have they gone too? i wanna do some free token offers but can’t find them anywhere using browser ?
    i can only find them if i do on phone and i dont like downloading trash ..
    so how do i find the offers using pc ?

    1. Most of offers are now available on mobile devices. Top Eleven cannot control the offers as offers are coming from 3rd part partners and nowadays is much easier to advertise mobile stuff.

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