Forum World Cup Ist Edition-Resume-

And…. this could be a simplified recap:


But let’s explain what we’ve been doing the last four months in the Top Eleven Forum 🙂

Because yep, the last… four months, we’ve been playing 4 continental tournaments, with the idea to qualify the best four flags and their managers for a 5th competition, a World Cup, and we started with the Copa América that México -Nick L.- won Versus Bolivia -Peter R.-with a double 1-0.

Then we played a Eurocup, that Serbia -Stevan99- won after a great comeback against Italy -Illmaestroll, aka well known as The prof- in the second leg -Italy 3-1 Serbia / Serbia 3-0 Italy-

The third competition we did was a Copa Africa, that Zimbabwe -a.gavrilin- won with a double 2-1 against Zambia -Milpol-.

And finally, to complete the last four free spots for the World Cup list of countries we did a Copa Asia, that Vietnam -a.gavrilin again as he did with the Copa Africa- won thanks to a identical comeback VS South Korea -Mihail R.- as the one that previously Serbia had, South Korea 3-1 Vietnam / Vietnam 3-0 South Korea.


So, once we completed these 4 continental competitions we had 16 countries qualified for the definitive competition, the World Cup, and these were;

  • México, Bolivia, USA, Jamaica.
  • Serbia, Italy, Wales, Ukraine.
  • Zimbabwe, Zambia, Egypt, Morocco.
  • Vietnam, South Korea, Australia, Japan.

The Continental tournaments had 50 and 25 Tokens for the Winner and the Runner up, meanwhile the World Cup had rewards for the Top 3 finalists been 70, 50 and 30 Tokens these prizes.

Finally, after three long weeks, we completed a intense competition that faced Italy vs Zimbabwe in the finale, teams led by the Forumers Illmaestroll and Chocolove, been Italy the nation that has been proclaimed champion after a double victory -Italy 2-1 Zimbabwe / Zimbabwe 0-2 Italy –

So final picture:


Congratulations to the Top 3 managers and stay tunned for future competitions in our community!


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