Forum Copa América Oro & Eurocup

Hi Managers!

With the Top Eleven 2020 version almost with us I guess everyone is awaiting for news 🙂

But today, we will talk about 2 competitions that we will be playing as part of the Forum activity, the Copa América Oro IInd Edition, and the Eurocup, IInd edition too.

We started again the cycle that we were playing for the last 4 months, playing the four main continental competitions and a final World Cup that was won first time by Italy – Managed by The Prof– and this time we will try to do all this faster by having some help, in this case the Eurocup will be leaded by the Forumer @Milpol who reached the 1K subscribers on his Youtube Channel.

Then I, aka Khris for those who know me, will be in charge of the Copa América Oro that will be mainly played in the forum. Both competitions will have a Top 3 Rewards of 70 Tokens for the Winner, 50 Tokens for the Runner Up and 30 Tokens for the 3rd place, and the best 4 will be invited in the 5th and last competition, that will be a IInd World Cup.

The Eurocup list is already full with 32 participants ready to play but, we still having free spots to join the Copa América Oro so, feel free to vitit the Forum and join our competition!

Remember that we will require a Max. Average Quality of 114,9% and, players from 1-3 stars and the 9 star ones will be forbidden in the starting 11 (1-3* only as subs). ;P



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