Formation Changes

In order to improve the playing experience, we’ve made some changes to the possibility to save or use certain unrealistic football formations.

The yellow “!” box indicating irregular formation arrangement has now been removed and all the irregular formations will fit under illegal formation indicated by a red “!” box . Any time a red “!” box appears on the left side of the screen, the formation cannot be saved or applied in Live Match and will need to be changed.

In case you had an irregular arrangement, your lineup has been adjusted to fit the legal formation requirements and all irregular formations saved in the squad setup have now been removed.

When setting up your formation please pay attention to the following rules and make sure to have:

  • Exactly one player in GK position
  • At least one and maximum 3 DCs
  • Minimum 3 players in defence (DCs or DC + DL + DR)
  • At least one player in central defending areas (DC, DMC)
  • At least one player that is playing defensively in the middle (DMC or MC)
  • Minimum 2 players in the middle (DMC, MC, AMC, ML, MR, AMR, AML)
  • Maximum 3 players in MC and ST roles
  • Maximum 2 players in DMC and AMC roles
  • Maximum one player on all side roles (DL, ML, AML, DR, MR, AMR)
  • At least one player in central midfield roles (DMC, MC, AMC)
  • Balanced flanks (Number of players in roles DL, ML, AML and number of players in roles DR, MR, AMR)
  • At least one player that is playing offensively in the middle (MC, AMC)
  • At least one player in attacking areas (AML, AMC, AMR, ST)
  • At least one player in attack (AMC, ST)
  • At least one player on each side (one in DL, ML, AML, and one in DR, MR, AMR)

Check out your starting lineup in the Squad section to make sure your team is ready for the next match.

Best of luck in the upcoming fixtures!

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