Excel Sheets – Training Calculator

Hi Managers,


Today we are going to share here in .info a couple of excel sheets that can help you to manage your team.

One is a training calculator, so basic, where you can introduce the skills and it calculates how completed is a drill in %, you have a table in the right with the skills affected by each drill so basically the less developed drill is the one that will hain more progress.

Down the right table you can introduce a “1” in each white skill so you can go back to check the 2nd table and see how many whites are affected per drill.

Basically the drill will give more XP as more white skills are affected by it and less % developed it is.

Here the Forum Thread where I will add a 2nd version of the Training Calculator edited by the Greek manager @Cris G.

TRAINING CALCULATOR 2020 Ed. &Various Forms of Interest

Then, there are 2 more excels, one is a form where you can add the level and ticket price you have and which gives you the 5%Bonus Possession. The 2nd excel show the results sent by the managers who replied the Ticket Prices Form, so you can have an idea about the ticket price that you can set depending on your level.



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