EURO 2016 – Jerseys and Emblems

Is not officially yet but I really expect to be real so this summer is very possible to have all EURO 2016 jerseys and emblems. 


As I said in another post few days ago, this summer is gonna rain with high quality football because we have 3 important competitions between countries: Copa América Centenario, EURO 2016 and the Olympic Games (football).






If we speak about rating is very possible EURO 2016 to be the main event of the summer but Copa América is gonna be big because is also a big competition with strong teams like Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, etc and is gonna be an anniversary edition.


CLUB SHOP changed just from time to time but not very much and EURO 2016 is the perfect opportunity for Top Eleven to sell new jerseys and emblems because these items won’t need an extra promotion and everyone will look to wear the colors of their favorite team.


From the start is clearly or more then sure that we won’t have official items and just replicas, exactly as we had at World Cup 2014 when for the first time, Top Eleven added jerseys and emblems of national teams but I don’t think this is so important and for us would be great to have them anyway. All we want is to represent the colors of our country or our favorite team.


In total there will be 24 teams. We should have 24 emblems and 48 jerseys and a general of 72 items but we can’t be 100% sure because maybe they won’t add all the countries or maybe they will add something extra.


Unfortunately not all the federations released their jerseys so we can’t show them all but we found for the most of the teams. Once we found for the rest, we will look to update this article so you can make an idea about how the kits might look.

Group A


Group B


Group C
North Ireland


Group D
Czech Republic


Group E


Group F


Note: We showed more the home jersey which is the most important but you can also check the away jersey by changing “home” with “away” from URL. 


Regarding the emblems is possible to be same like those from World CUP 2016 so this can be good news for some who won’t need to buy them again for some teams like: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, etc but at the same time it can be bad news for those who want them to be different and to remind us EURO 2016.


The prices shouldn’t be as big as for an official item but maybe over the average, is very possible the prices not to be same for all the teams and for sure the best teams will cost more. For emblem the price should be around 30-45 tokens and jersey around 20-35.


Our question for you is: Do you think we will have the jerseys and emblems of EURO 2016?


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