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February started great for Top Eleven and also for Bayern, Galata and Barca fans because now we have new replicas.            


For me is not hard to decide if this is good or bad because clearly this is something cool and also is better to have something then nothing.


When I was visiting Top Eleven I also had the chance to talk about this with Top Eleven developers and I supported really much this thing.





First of all people must understand that is not possible to add every team in-game despite that we would like it and trust me even Top Eleven.


Not all teams wants this thing and I suppose is normal, more or less then and then the second and the most tricky part, even if both sides will want this, it will just not be possible because many games who represent the brand of a team, don’t accept that team to be promoted by others or worst is just impossible for example with the teams from Premier League where you can promote just two teams so if we take the Top Eleven case, we already have Liverpool and Arsenal so is impossible at the moment to get any other team.


Just to know as a remainder, this is not the first time they are adding replicas because they already did it with national country back in 2014, last year with some countries from Middle East and even some regular jerseys are replicas but is the first time they are creating great quality replicas for Club teams.


Now that I’ve explained you that, let’s go back to the subject and also to answer in advance to some few questions.


Who are these teams? Might sound as a stupid question but if you are not a big fan of the football and your are not from Europe you might not know so we have Galatasaray from Turkey, Barcelona from Spain and Bayern Munchen from Germany.


How long they will be in shop? I’m not 100% sure but I assume over 1 week.


Why only home jersey? I’m not sure but this can be a marketing strategy.


Why these three teams?  I don’t think is super hard to guess. Barcelona is the most loved team in Europe according to some new researches. Bayern is a legendary team  and Galatasaray is also a super popular team especially in the Eastern Europeand also the game have a lot of players from Turkey.


There will be other teams? As far as I know yes and I don’t see why they should stop here.


What are the next teams? I have no idea but I will try to suggest them at some point to let the players to decided.


This items can be sent? Yes, even without buying tokens you can send this items as long they are counted just as premium items and not as official items.


I suggest you guys to buy these items because they might became rare after few months because isn’t that easier to re-add them over and over again especially if there would be more teams.


I also made a personal list of Top 11 teams that I would like to see their replicas in the game:

  1. Steaua Bucharest :: Champions League winner in ’86, the best team from Romania and one of the most important teams from the Eastern Europe.
  2. Red Star Belgrade :: Champions League winner in ’91, the best team from Serbia and the sister of Steaua Bucharest. Quick fun fact! Miodrag Belodedici won Champions League with both teams.
  3. FK Partizan :: Just to troll Red Star Belgrad fans.
  4. Manchester United :: Do I need to say why?
  5. Chelsea :: This is not their year is clearly but they are still in Champions League and maybe they can do a surprise there. I’m a Manchester United fan and I have to admit that this team gave a lot to the football, especially buses.
  6. PSV :: A Champions League winner and a team who provided the football with many great super stars.
  7. Sevilla :: The legends of Europe League, they are a must!
  8. River Plate :: We don’t have teams from South America and a lot of players came from that region and as long we have the official kit of Boca Juniors, why not River Plate which is a team with a great tradition behind.
  9. Independiente :: To complete Argentina we must have this team. This team have over 100 years behind and won Copa Libertadores no more or less then 7 times. Amazing!
  10. Santos :: One of the most popular teams from Brazil and a team who gave a lot of great starts, of the their biggest starts from last year is nobody else then Neymar.
  11.  Sao Paulo :: A super loved team in Brazil with a very great tradition behind and a lot of trophies.


As you’ve seen I tried to get teams from all around the world and not only from Europe. Hopefully some of them will be added in the game at some point because for sure it will please many fans from all over the world.


Leave your feedback about the new jerseys & emblems and I will make sure that Top Eleven guys will take a look.




      1. cum pot face si eu rost de mai mute jetoane ca din sponsarizari abia ii fac si se consuma repede .??????mentionez ca joc pe pc nu pe telefon

  1. I would like to see the logos and jerseys from two biggest clubs in every Europe country especially FK Sarajevo and FK Zeljeznicar from Bosnia, because that is my country and I know its hard to do that but it would be great

    1. I like Partizan too but they aren’t according with the trophies won so far and also the current position of the teams in the league.

  2. Please suggest for Manchester United’s jersey and logo.. there is so many Manchester United fans on game.. and myself i’m a biggest Manchester United fan.. i can do anything to buy Manchester United jersey and logo even it’s replica.. so please suggest this one

    1. I’m a Manchester United die hard fan too but if you read on what we said is just impossible because you can’t add more then two teams from England. The rules from UK don’t allow you.

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