Download Top Eleven 2017

Hey guys, now you can download Top Eleven 2017 .apk from our website from a secure source and tested directly by us on more devices.


The reason I decided to upload the .apk client to install the game is because I saw many people struggling getting the new update.


Not sure what’s the reason but I saw the game is not available anymore in some countries like for example IRAN as far as I know but also I got my requests to do it so here it is.


To download the file just click on the big download picture from below and you can do it 100% safe and secure.


If you can’t access the download page by click on the downloading picture  you try to acess the direct link for download: or access the following link:



Anyway, if you encounter any issue please let us to know and we will do our best to help you as soon as possible.


Sadly at the moment I can’t provide you a tutorial how to install it but you can find plenty of them on internet but remember that the new version of the game is asking for Android 4.0.3 or a newer version.


  1. Hello everyone at Top Eleven. Ever since the last update, as soon as I log in the game prompts ‘connection was closed. Do you want to reconnect?’

    It happened several times already and m not able to play the game anymore. M very addictive to it and love it. Kindly help me ASAP.

    My internet speed is 100% fine. It’s the game that is having problem.

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