Desktop vs Mobile version

Let’s take a look head to head to the current desktop version and mobile version to see which one of them is the best!      


At the moment there’s a big difference between the desktop and mobile version because in 2015 the updates came more for the mobile then for the desktop (web version).


I will try to do a head to head comparison to see which version is better, at  least from my point of view. Of course, each of us is free to have his favorite version.





Everything will be rated with points from 1 to 3, 1 being the worst and 3 the best.


Game Loading 

Desktop:  Between 6 and 10 seconds. (3 points)

iOS: Between 8 to 11 seconds. / Android: Between 12-15 seconds. (3 points)

For desktop I’ve tested on chrome using a good system  and for the mobile version for Android I used an S4 and for the iOS and iPhone 5.

I guess we can call it a draw because actually the mobile version have more features.


Loading Page (Main page)

Desktop: Club is the main page but actually don’t show exactly what we need. Is good that you can see some statistics and if you have a good memory you can realize what you did in the last game if you missed it but only if you remember exactly the stats like goals scored, goals conceded and wins/draws/loses. (1 point)


Mobile: Clearly better the the desktop version and shows exactly what you are looking for, the previous match and the next match, also good notes for previous match like “no yellow carsd for our players” , income from the game and for the next match you can see the last 5 performances for both teams and the general quality of the first 11 which is good and you can make a better idea about your opponent. Also you can see the preparation level which shows the team moral and condition plus a cool option, match preview that show you head to head the quality in defence, midfield, attack and also both teams formation. (3 points)


Another big plus is introducing the messages & notifications on the same page and not like on desktop on two different tabs. On desktop the messages tab is taking to much space in my opinion for something that is not super important.


Also seems easier to find friends on mobile because of the search option which is a must in my opinion especially when you have dozens of friends.


There’s no doubt for me that mobile version is way better regarding this then the desktop version.


Squad Page


Desktop: For me this page isn’t super users, I mostly use it when I create my team and after that not so much but yes and without doubts that at the moment in this format the desktop wins against mobile version because seems much faster and easier to find everything what you need because all things are displayed at once and you don’t have to navigate through different pages.  (3 points)


Mobile: The only advantage is the option to slide on right the squad overview screen and see more details within seconds like value, wage and form which can be useful but there are more minuses like arrows which are not to good displayed and moral arrows which are confused by many with mentality arrows. Also for somebody who never played seems a little tricky to find the option for penalty takers, free-kick takers, captain, etc. (2 points)



Desktop: Despite the difference isn’t huge this is a win for desktop version because of the filter options that allows you to search easier the players based on position, stars or special ability. (3 points)


Mobile:  The mobile version don’t have anything notable in plus comparing with desktop version so nothing to talk about and also player transfer window is missing the stats page and shows just an overview look and skills. (1 point)




Desktop:  Hard to say which is better because both have their good part. What I like at desktop version is that you can check the game a bit easier because each day came in a new tab and also displaying the flag next to the team name can be very useful & is helping when you are looking for your friends. But I can’t give 3 points for a good reason. The support option still don’t work 100% and many time when you try support your friend you just don’t have the option. (2 points)


Mobile:  Here’s a bit different because games are sorted by week and not by day, the program is split in 4 weeks which is also great because you can understand better on what part of the season you are. Another plus comparing with desktop version is that your friends have a symbol next to their name which can make it easier to understand which one is your friend in-game too.  (3 points)




Desktop: Is not like I have an issue with but looking at both version the difference is huge. Nothing notable for desktop version. (1 point)


Mobile: Way, way better and from where to start? First of all, 3 tabs are better then one because you don’t have the feeling that you have to slide or tap more. (3 points)

  • League tab is better because on the right side you also have the game fixtures, something that you don’t have on the desktop version. The little arrows from table are also useful because they show your league position movement from the last game.
  • Cup tab is better and also a little trick for those who don’t know because you can make an idea from day one till the final who can be your opponents. More or less!
  • Champions League is better because is focusing more for your group and you can see your group games directly displayed. A small suggestion would be marking the games by day like round one, round two, round three because it can create small confusions.




Desktop: Not sure what to say because both are pretty much mixed. One of the desktop version advantage is that you have more details and stats and for some managers these things are important.  Trophy cabinet is also more logical to be displayed here then on manager page as on mobile. Well if I can call the trophy history from mobile version the trophy cabinet. (2 points)


Mobile: A smart move was moving club storage to don’t create confusion but not sure which tab would be more logical, manager or club as long these things remain even if you take over another team. (2 points)




Desktop: I think this time I will vote again for the desktop version because it have more stuffs like Club Seeking manager or flags. (3 points)

Mobile: The only thing better is the graphic, no real advantage. The trophy history seems a bit better because you skip all 3 at once and not like on desktop version. (2 points)




Hard to find any good difference between them so I will just skip this one.


Ground (Stadium)


Desktop: The only thing better for desktop might be the overview option which can help you to make a better idea about your stadium and facilities but not sure how much really helps. (1 point)

Mobile:  The 3D option clearly win over the 2D look from desktop because why not, is just better! (3 points)


Club Shop


Desktop: The items seems better organized because of the special “tabs” which I think is a plus but thinking that your own club storage have an issue once you passed an amount of items I can’t rate it with 3 points. (2 points)

Mobile: Again same big advantage and more exactly the search option which can make it way easier for you to find what you want. This search option should be also added for club storage. (2 points)


Sound and Music 


Desktop: Don’t support this at the moment. (no points)

Mobile: The sounds are OK despite I prefer to play without sound because I got used from desktop version. (3 points)


Live Match (Animated Match)


Desktop: The desktop game is kinda boring especially after you are learning all the commentaries and in big lines you already can predict the moments. (1 point)

Mobile: Way better because the Live Animated Match feature is pretty awesome especially that all the moments are unique. Hopefully they will be improved and I know that they will but I just don’t know the exactly time. (3 points)


Total: Desktop  22 points – Mobile: 30 (if I counted good)

Desktop version should also get few extra points for minor things like flags which are important for some managers and trophy room which should be a must for mobile version in the future.

Personal if I would have to choose I would go with the new version from 2015 but for sure I would miss few things from the desktop version.


Desktop version or Mobile version

Desktop version
Mobile version

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  1. Just 3 more informations related you didn’t mentionned and that are crucial to me.

    1- Desktop allow to save Skill points but not for mobile !
    2- Desktop allow to show both formation in same time to readapt if necessary. It was a great mobile thing in old version… but it desappeared since version 2015 was created !
    3- In live match (or when preparing the match) the field is too large for the screen, so you have to move it to see full team

    Is it for you of about any importance in your review ?

    1. Diemerophile, thanks for contacting me.

      I didn’t wanted to talk to much at the moment about the skill points because at this point not sure if is counting to much.
      Regarding point 2 I agree with you. Is better when you can see both teams at the same time.

      Hmm maybe there’s a minimum resolution, not sure but so far I never had this issue and I’ve played on iPhone 5, Iphone 6S, Samsung S4, Samsung S3 Neo and Ipad.

      “Is it for you of about any importance in your review ?” I don’t understand what you wanted to say, can you please say again?
      Best regards

      1. Hi

        Both on S3 and S5, I have the same trouble. The field at the right of the screen to prepare your team before a match (or during a live match) is too large versus the screen.

        So you have to move the field with your legs to see the top or down. You cannot see your GK and your ST at the same time.

        Resolution… I don’t know. I am not specialist enough to rule my mobile. So maybe there is an answer to this issue… Don’t know !

  2. Brodar, what about feeding macimum points to a player in a single day ?

    when I want to sell a player of rating( suppose) 24 (and age of u-21)and he is 4 skill points away from being 25…
    Then , I used to feed 2-3 rest packs and Zero condition then I Train him hard , make 25 and sell him for more value..
    Please, tell me about this service available in new version or not ?

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