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We have some very big news for you, we just found out that is very possible to be a desktop version for Top Eleven.

Top Eleven 2015 was realeased months ago but only for iOS & Android and because of some technical limitations they might not be able to create a browser version of Top Eleven 2015.

Nordeus next move is to create a desktop version so everyone can play & enjoy Top Eleven 2015 even if they don’t have iOS and Android.

At the moment they are only doing a poll on this subject to see if people want this or not but more then sure everyone is voting YES so is very possible to have Top Eleven 2015 for desktop.

A desktop version can be great because Nordeus will be able to add more features like 3d graphics, sounds & musics, better UI graphics and many others great features that can’t be added on the browser version (web/facebook).

The future of Top Eleven browser version is uncertain because as they said, there are some limits and the browser version can keep it with all the new features that Top Eleven 2015 have/will have. Probably they will change the graphic and add few things from Top Eleven 2015 to bring it closer with the latest version.

We also create a poll where you can vote with YES or NO if you like their new idea to create a desktop version of Top Eleven 2015 and if you have any idea, suggestion, etc don’t forget to leave a comment.



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  1. There are big problems with the version of Top Eleven 2015.
    I do not use it because it has a SERIOUS mistake: the moment when you connect automatically assigns pins for improvement to the players!
    In this way, the coach can not choose which feature to apply.
    Did you notice it or mine is the first report?
    When it will correct I’ll play the new version.
    If in the next desktop version will do the same mistake then my response to the survey is NO!
    Good day …

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