Design your jersey – FB WINNERS

Top Eleven announced the lucky winners from their last contest on Facebook. Let’s see the winning jerseys!                        


As I expected, this contest was a huge success and a lot of people joined which is great and lovely because it seems the community is still active and trying their best to help the community.


There was a lot of jerseys and in the next articles I might show you some of them but until then let’s see the jerseys that will make their road inside the game and what is gonna be next for those who won at the contest.


There 5 lucky winners will receive 100 tokens each directly to their account from Top Eleven developers and for this you won’t need to do anything because can see exactly  your team based on the account you used to submitted the pictures.

As I expect and I assume you won’t have the option to choose where to get the tokens and exactly like I said above, they will go on the account from where you posted the jerseys pictures.

Back to topic, these are the 5 jerseys that made to the game and won the competition:

13055440_1041216552640464_4733528185489370630_n 13055322_1041216555973797_194780016312743981_n 13102672_1041216509307135_791921852742838459_n 13102903_1041216505973802_238690600722124245_n 13096247_1041216502640469_7858346574113312307_n


But is very possible that even those who didn’t won today to see their jerseys in the game at some point because the same thing happened at the last contest which was hold on the official forum.


  1. Why do I still continue to protest in the FP / Twitter Nordeus / Topeleven related design contest jersey. Because there is some injustice. Not intend to defend myself, because participating.

    1. The Norde / Topeleven, make a statement, will choose the jersey / design popular and many who likes to be a winner. But they themselves who ignore it.
    2. Many representatives of Manager Indonesia sent their creations, although some mix of images, there is also a pattern that uses a homemade, everything is nothing that is not good.
    3. Results submissions Manager Indonesia, in love and in appreciation of many people.
    4. Of the five winners, four people from brazil topeleven group manager, one person from the region of Africa / Middle East.
    5. Of the 5 winners and not intended to assess bad, they made no nothing of the design manager jersey belongs to Indonesia.

    Very regrettable once, no representatives of Indonesia there, I understand the feelings, the manager who had taken the trouble to make and send their creations. Not necessarily mine who became a champion, someone elected. Quite no representatives anyone, winner of 1 or 2 people of Indonesia that has been representing and make other manager proud. I will continue fighting, in order Nordeus / Topeleven reassess the race. Could take 5-10 jersey best, then vote / like the many who will win the big 5, or in any other way, so that there remains an appreciation of them to all of us, because we are also including the majority of users and fans of The World. OPPONENT !

    1. I am not an official website to give you the exactly dates on how the winners was chosen by Top Eleven.

      Your logic isn’t right too, do you want the most liked pictures to win but at the same time to have jersey from all the corners of that worlds. How could be this possible then?

      I can’t say that I like all of them, we all have our favorite jerseys but it was up to Nordeus to choose the winners and trust me, there’s no geologic preference for the managers. More then that Indonesia I think is the first country and I can say the only one who got their own custom special emblem so how’s that fair for the rest?

  2. I hope you can convey this to the topeleven / Nordeus. No appreciation for us, did not appreciate our efforts. Nordeus already disappointing the majority of managers from Indonesia. We hope you can deliver this, then reassess the contest winner. There are 4 design, we got a lot of love and positive support, but none of Nordeus awards.

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