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It’s back! After such a long time, finally we have a very great contest where the players have the great chance to design their own jerseys in-game! Start and design your jersey right now!             


Top Eleven designers prepared a great contest for you guys and you can’t miss it because the rewards are great and for sure will please any of you.


All you have to do is to design your jersey and wait to see if you are the winner!





But before you start you might want to read the contest rules which are not complicated but is very good to know them before you start your work because otherwise you might get out from the contest or just waste a lot of precious time.

Rules: Anyone who uses copyrighted material for their submission, or ‘steals’ their idea from another Manager will be disqualified from the competition. Winners will be announced on Monday and the jerseys will be available in the Club Shop for next week. 

It’s clearly that the main issue will be regarding “stealing” because I already saw a lot of them doing it. Regarding copyrights would be a pain because more then sure almost all of the managers who used artworks, symbols, vectors, etc didn’t checked the license type.

But to get back to our topic, if you want to join, check this Facebook post and here you can upload your work and read all you need to know.

I also created 3 for the contest but I will only upload one of them, the first one and because the contest didn’t had any strict rules regarding what we can create or not, I tried to come with something more different.

1.  The peaceful Japan!



















2.  Samurai duel!



















3. Lion abstract!



















Let me know what you think about them and if you joined this great contest! Enjoy!


  1. Why do I still continue to protest in the FP / Twitter Nordeus / Topeleven related design contest jersey. Because there is some injustice. Not intend to defend myself, because participating.

    1. The Norde / Topeleven, make a statement, will choose the jersey / design popular and many who likes to be a winner. But they themselves who ignore it.
    2. Many representatives of Manager Indonesia sent their creations, although some mix of images, there is also a pattern that uses a homemade, everything is nothing that is not good.
    3. Results submissions Manager Indonesia, in love and in appreciation of many people.
    4. Of the five winners, four people from brazil topeleven group manager, one person from the region of Africa / Middle East.
    5. Of the 5 winners and not intended to assess bad, they made no nothing of the design manager jersey belongs to Indonesia.

    Very regrettable once, no representatives of Indonesia there, I understand the feelings, the manager who had taken the trouble to make and send their creations. Not necessarily mine who became a champion, someone elected. Quite no representatives anyone, winner of 1 or 2 people of Indonesia that has been representing and make other manager proud. I will continue fighting, in order Nordeus / Topeleven reassess the race. Could take 5-10 jersey best, then vote / like the many who will win the big 5, or in any other way, so that there remains an appreciation of them to all of us, because we are also including the majority of users and fans of The World. OPPONENT !

  2. I hope you can convey this to the topeleven / Nordeus. No appreciation for us, did not appreciate our efforts. Nordeus already disappointing the majority of managers from Indonesia. We hope you can deliver this, then reassess the contest winner. There are 4 design, we got a lot of love and positive support, but none of Nordeus awards.

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