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Hey everyone,  I have some big news for you regarding the CUP system and the new format that we will have starting from tomorrow in-game.                                                                                

Here is the official statement that Top Eleven made yesterday on their forum regarding on how the CUP will look like from tomorrow:








Hi Managers,

Starting from the next Top Eleven season (so, the 3rd of April) generation of Cup competition will be different. Until now, our engine was grouping teams by quality in order to have a fair competition, taking into account the average quality of the whole squad (all signed players).

Some users were taking advantage of this, by not signing the good players until the competition schedule had been generated, or having a lot of low quality signed players.

Now, this average quality will be calculated only taking into account the 14 best players of each team, even if they are not signed. This should result in more fair Cup competitions.


Basically you can still do that but it will cost you more then usually and it will also force you to sell the biggest part of your best players if you will decide to get this advantage.

Hard to give a good or bad opinion regarding this because it have some good and bad parts.

The bad part is that some managers who didn’t had any idea about this might start to try this to get the advantage and the good advantage is that now you know exactly how the system works but let’s see how efficiently will be.

On another part, the managers who use this system to play will be more likely now to meat others managers who do this so they might get discouraged to do it again in the future.

Now, if you ask me if this is an exploit or not or if I am against or not, my answer is NO, I don’t see this as an exploit and I am not against and I just think it’s a “way of playing” the game and as long the game allows this I’m fine with.

It is unethical maybe but each manager will find his own way of playing this game based on more factors like time, resources, game-system, etc.

If you want to find or to talk more about this subject I invite you to visit the official forum where you can do it with a lot of good managers: CUP Changes.


    1. Hey Marwan, to be honest, hard to say, I expect this summer will be a “rain” of them but for the moment is pretty hard to guess. Tonight is El Clasico so maybe, maybe, they will surprise us somehow but low chances.

  1. Yeah it happenedto me this season I saw managers same level as me in cup but it doesn’t use to be so earlier.. .

    Please is a way for you guys to send me Jersey and emblem ‘s?

  2. Just would like to point out the look of the new website looks great. Keep up the great work Orlova!

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